As today’s business landscape becomes more elaborate, tax departments must adapt to effectively and efficiently execute their methods. For companies seeking to plan for quality, efficient tax accounting, the complications of the legislative and regulatory landscape represent a continuous hurdle to overcome.

The stress of handling today’s tax accounting matters is increased by resource limitations for many tax departments. Ever-changing tax laws, regulatory scrutiny, operational difficulties and financial restatements pose great challenges to companies seeking to accomplish their day-to-day business objectives. DHG offers comprehensive tax accounting services that help clients achieve suitable tax accounting initiatives and incorporate businesses’ tax planning as an integral part of their total financial planning process.



Tailored Services and Deliverables

DHG offers high-end service to each client, delivering tailored services rather than a one size fits all solution. As we understand each client’s unique facts, we aim to satisfy clients on a personalized basis. Our tax accounting team demonstrates focus and knowledge while being accessible to clients’ questions and concerns. Our quality service helps clients effectively achieve their tax accounting goals, resulting in deliverables.

Our Services Include:
  • ASC 740 Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing
  • Provision Redesign and Process Improvement
  • SOX 404 Reviews or Implementations
  • Systems Implementation and Analytical Reviews
  • Tax Accounting for Transactions
  • Evaluation of Uncertain Tax Positions
  • Analysis of Realizability of Deferred Tax Assets


Our tax accounting team combines knowledge, experience and commitment that contributes to our overall success and satisfies the needs of our tax accounting clients. We implement an integrated team approach that consists of an internal alliance between our industry and service line professionals, which allows a collaboration of knowledge and resources that ultimately benefits the results of our client engagements.