State and local taxes (SALT) have become a significant cost of doing business due to a variety of factors — state conformity to federal tax reform, increased pressure for revenue at both the state and local levels and expansion of nexus provisions for various taxes. Compliance with constantly changing regulations has become a burden for businesses, so companies need customized SALT solutions tailored to their unique business needs — whether they are a Fortune 500 company or just getting started.

DHG’s SALT professionals have a collaborative approach and combine their extensive technical knowledge and experience with professionals within DHG’s industry segments to provide our clients with an integrated approach and well-crafted services. We strive to provide responsive and proactive insights to your needs so that you can make the most of your tax opportunities.


Tax Considerations for Co-Obligor / Guarantor Strategies
State Legislation Addressing IRC Conformity to CARES Act
IRS to Issue Regulations on Deductibility of State and Local Income Taxes


DHG understands the complexities that accompany SALT. With our comprehensive set of SALT services, clients can expect to successfully manage their unexpected state and local tax challenges while reaching their goals in a tax efficient manner.

  • Apportionment Review
  • Audit Defense, Voluntary Disclosures and Tax Amnesty Registration
  • Entity Restructuring
  • Income and Franchise Tax Compliance
  • Negotiated Incentives
  • Nexus Studies
  • State and Local Tax Credit Optimization
  • Tax Compliance Outsourcing
  • Tax Systems Automation
  • Real and Tangible Personal Property Tax Consulting and Compliance
  • Reverse Tax Audits and Recovery
  • Unclaimed Property


Our SALT professionals merge their knowledge and experience with professionals within DHG’s industry specific segments to provide tailored solutions to our clients. Through a high level of personal attention and accessibility, our SALT professionals understand each client’s unique position and are fully prepared to deliver quality service. We offer customized solutions to SALT issues and provide our clients results such as:

  • Permanent tax savings
  • Increased cash flow
  • Tax efficient organizational structures
  • Tax strategies that closely align with business strategies
  • Knowledge of state and local tax obligations