Sales and use (S&U) taxes are a significant cost of doing business as states create additional revenue streams. Each state, as well as multiple jurisdictions in some states, have diverse, complex rules regarding the taxation of goods and services. Companies need customized services tailored to their individual business needs, whether they are a Fortune 500 company or in the initial stages of start-up.

DHG Tax has a group of highly trained professionals who dedicate their time to the S&U tax arena. We are equipped to assist you with providing customized services by working with your company and understanding the nuances of your business. We blend your unique situation with our tax and systems knowledge to address your company’s specific S&U tax issues. By remaining focused solely on the complexities of the S&U tax laws throughout the nation, our Sales and Use Tax Group stays on top of current trends and emerging issues. Regardless of the size or scope of the company, our knowledge and experience can help you navigate the complex and potentially costly S&U environment.


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The best defense is a good offense and in the S&U tax world, that means knowing the issues before you are audited. DHG can perform a risk overview of your S&U tax function by doing a reverse S&U tax audit — one focused on identifying weaknesses in your systems and in identifying potential refund opportunities.

When such an audit does come, DHG can act as your representative before state S&U tax authorities. Our professionals are available to make formal replies to correspondence regarding sales and use tax liability and to provide explanations, schedules and other pertinent documents for tax examinations.

If your company operates in multiple states, whether by sales people, mail order or e-commerce, you may have unknowingly created nexus in states where you are not registered. Our team of professionals can negotiate with state officials to limit your exposure through voluntary compliance, helping you avoid forced compliance costs such as interest and penalties that may reach as high as 50 percent.

We can conduct an analysis of your day-to-day compliance activities as part of a reverse audit. We prepare and assist with filing refund claims with supporting documentation in order to procure your refund expeditiously.

S&U tax compliance can be challenging for small companies, particularly regarding costly human error. For large companies, filing hundreds of returns on a monthly basis can drain resources and leave a company vulnerable from unexpected staff turnover. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to S&U tax and can help in any circumstance.

Our S&U tax advisory services streamline your procedures for properly reporting your tax liability and provide the training to the appropriate personnel. Additionally, we advise you on the effects of new S&U tax laws as they relate to your industry and assist in determining the potential S&U tax consequences before you submit that important bid.

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