Any taxpayer that has developed new or improved products or processes should consider a Research and Development Tax Credit (R&D credit). In any economic environment, having cash available is critical to a business’s success, and recent developments have made R&D credits readily accessible to companies. Many states have created R&D credits of their own, in addition to the federal credit that can significantly enhance a taxpayer’s R&D credit incentives.

DHG’s dedicated R&D tax credit team has the experience, proper analysis and documentation in withstanding IRS inquiries that enable us to focus on providing our clients with comprehensive R&D tax credit studies. Our objective is to customize your tax approach to help achieve results that meet your business needs.


Weathering the Pandemic with R&D and Orphan Drug Tax Credits


Credentialed Team and Relationships

DHG works hard to help our clients with sustaining R&D credit before the IRS, as well as supporting clients through the appeals process and joint committee.