Research & Development Tax Credits

DHG has a dedicated R&D Tax Credit team focused on providing comprehensive R&D Tax Credit Studies. R&D studies may result in immediate cash tax savings for taxpayers who qualify. Proper analysis and documentation of your R&D activities is essential to withstanding IRS inquiries into your credit activities. Our objective is to customize your tax approach to help achieve results that meet your business needs.

The applicability of the R&D Tax Credit should be considered for every business taxpayer. The recently approved availability of simplified base period calculations make the R&D credit attractive to taxpayers who might not have qualified in the past. In some states, the state benefit can be larger than the federal benefit. DHG’s dedicated R&D team uses a proven methodology to determine and document the credit.


Credentialed Team and Relationships

The R&D Tax Services team has established a reputation of providing the highest quality of service. Designed with the IRS, DHG created a process for documenting qualified research activities. Since inception, the Dixon Hughes Goodman R&D Tax Services Team has had several studies reviewed by the IRS with no required change.

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