DHG proactively helps corporate finance and management manage the complexities of an M&A transaction.

A merger or acquisition transaction proposes great opportunity as well as great risk. Nevertheless, the forthcoming value of an M&A deal propels its ongoing activity in the marketplace.

Factors that typically drive M&A transaction volume include:

  • General company reorganization
  • Calculated acquisitions by competitors
  • Attraction of U.S. businesses to foreign buyers
  • Corporate valuations based on fluctuating market conditions
DHG can help identify solutions to otherwise overlooked challenges.

As M&A tax impacts may materially affect a company’s transaction, it is important to consider the possible issues that may arise should you proceed in merging with, acquiring or disposing of a business entity. Issues may include:

  • Ordinary vs. capital gain
  • Legal status of prospective target
  • Financing structure
  • Tax attribute remainders
  • Sales taxes
  • Transaction costs
  • Filing requirements
  • Accumulated liability


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Our resourceful professionals collaborate experience and knowledge to help capitalize on opportunity and mitigate risk.

DHG M&A tax professionals proactively help clients deal with the buying, selling, dividing and combining of entities. Our set of comprehensive services include, but are not limited to:

  • Structuring Taxable and Tax Free Transactions
  • Buy-Side Due Diligence
  • Sell-Side Due Diligence
  • Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Valuation and Purchase Price Allocations
  • Buy/Sell Succession Planning


DHG offers significant tax experience in the mergers and acquisitions space. Our well-rounded and resourceful team is highly qualified to meet your M&A tax needs as they apply an integrated service approach which also consists of the experience of our service line professionals. Together, we work side by side with you to provide informative insight and proper solutions that may improve your tax perspective and overall bottom line.