Generational Wealth Planning

planning that solidifies your achievements

As our clients work hard to generate success and wealth, it is important that they look beyond their future and make plans accordingly so that their achievements remain in good hands. Though planning for the future and eventual inheritors can be complex and uncomfortable to face, wealth planning benefits are much greater if matters are confronted and handled sooner rather than later. Our Generational Wealth Planning team offers comprehensive services to help ensure that clients take advantage of wealth management-related opportunities.

Our clients face significant tax liabilities and difficult decisions on how to structure the transfer of family wealth to the next generation. We deliver potential solutions to these challenges. With three very thorough and client-specific phases, our Generational Wealth Planning team provides superior service that is tailored to the dynamic needs of our clients.

  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Gift Planning
  • Tax Planning with Insurance Trusts
  • Overall Wealth Asset Transfer Strategies
  • Business Valuation
  • Succession Planning


Our in-depth knowledge of estate and tax law dynamics affirms us as our clients’ trusted advisor and positions us to maintain the “quarterback” status needed to move most estate projects. DHG’s cohesive Generational Wealth Planning team allows clients to experience value while knowing they have the benefit of a team of credentialed tax, insurance and wealth advisors.

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