Tax Reform Legislation

The most significant tax legislation in the past 30 years is now law. Many taxpayers will see changes in how they compute taxable income and to their income tax liability. Businesses and individuals will see changes to their income tax rates, elimination or modification to credits, deductions and other tax preferences, and a host of other changes. Every taxpayer should expect and prepare accordingly for how this new legislation will affect their tax situation.

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Tax Compliance

DHG understands the complexities you face and can help you effectively navigate the course.

Organizations large and small face the burden of tax compliance at various levels. The more territories in which you conduct business, the higher the regulatory demand; however, even basic requirements such as federal income tax returns can pose unwanted stress and exhaust resources that could otherwise be directed towards profitable business activity. Additional concerns include:

  • Avoiding reported material weaknesses for financial reporting due to tax dilemmas
  • Streamlining tax compliance processes with the right tools and technology
  • Filling a resource gap you may have in your tax department
  • Avoiding non-compliance penalties
  • Managing regulatory demands across multiple territories, states and countries

At DHG, we will work side by side with you to help ensure you meet compliance at all levels in a cost-efficient and resourceful manner.

Our service approach focuses on you, not us.

Our goal is to meet your needs. Some companies need assistance in all compliance areas while others may just need assistance in a specific, more complex area. From outsourcing to co-sourcing, we are here for you. The combination of industry insight, national resources, competitive fees and a relationship-driven engagement boosts DHG past our competition as the right choice.

Tax Advisory

The tax scene can be complex and challenging to pilot. DHG is prepared from all angles.

DHG’s Tax Advisory professionals always keep current with evolving tax regulations and trends, allowing us to provide you with timely insight and tools and help you confidently handle challenges such as:

  • Overlooked opportunities for tax breaks and credits
  • Outdated tax software and technology
  • Complex tax planning at the local, state, federal and international levels
  • Non-compliance penalties
  • Selecting the appropriate accounting method
  • IRS controversy
  • Tax structuring for complex transactions, like a merger or acquisition
You seek to mitigate risk and elevate opportunity from a tax perspective. We collaborate to help you achieve your goals and more.

Our resourceful professionals are dedicated to gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ unique businesses. Furthermore, DHG’s presence in a multitude of industries contributes to a large pool of knowledge from which we draw to help identify solutions. We combine responsive, personal service with collaborative industry and tax experience to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

DHG leverages global resources, nationwide relationships and local appeal to meet your tax needs, inside and out.

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