In today’s changing and complex business environment, audits provide a global view of an organization, providing the highest level of assurance and credibility to the organization's financial picture. In a competitive world, these insights can provide you the edge in improving internal controls, operating matters and tax considerations.

DHG’s audit teams have extensive experience understanding systems, financial reporting controls and the industry-specific challenges our clients face. To combat these challenges, we form engagement teams comprised of industry-focused professionals and design a risk-based audit approach that is deliberate and effective in the delivery of quality audit services. Utilizing the latest technologies and automation tools, we provide different kinds of assurance on your organization’s financial statements to meet stakeholders' needs. Whether your business is public or private, you should be confident in your financial reporting processes. Our audits will help empower you to make sound financial decisions, giving you insight and confidence to improve your business.


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DHG offers financial reporting services in three fundamental levels:

Our audit services provide users with an opinion on whether the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with an applicable financial report framework. This enhances the degree of confidence that users can place on an organization's financial statements.


A review provides limited assurance that there are no material modifications to financial statements.


Focused generally for internal use, our compilation services assist management in presenting financial information without providing any assurance on the financial statements.