Transforming Audit Innovation

Powerful Perspective for the Complete Financial Picture

Responding to change is a challenge. In today’s environment, how you adapt and balance the competing priorities could impact your financial reporting. Almost every facet of your organization is a factor, and stakeholders want an audit that provides a transparent and thorough risk assessment of your entire financial picture.

With DHG Assure, both your audit team and the technology they employ will help provide confidence in the result - important both for you and your stakeholders.

Holistic Innovation + Professional Collaboration

As the center of our assurance platform, DHG Assure fuses machine learning, artificial intelligence and change-agile automation. DHG Assure is designed with the utmost attention to compliance with professional standards while keeping the client experience in mind; it is in partnership with — not in place of — your DHG team of professionals. The result is that our industry experience and technical knowledge is integrated into ahead-of-the-curve technology to deliver a dynamic audit process tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Seamless. Smart. State-of-the-Art.

DHG Assure is designed to transform data assets into an efficient flow of information, reducing back and forth and providing our audit teams the agility to respond to risk and make decisions quickly.

As the client, these deeper insights into your organization demonstrate how every detail impacts your organization — and can inform your next steps and add value to your financial reporting.

Learn more about how DHG Assure audit technology can help provide you a comprehensive perspective for your financial reporting.


Case Study
Leveraging MindBridge for Artificial Intelligence in Audits