Learn how DHG Incorporates Innovation and Technology
into its Audits

Audit Innovation

Companies across all industries rely on having quality information and a level of confidence when it comes to the financial strength of their organization. Lenders and other stakeholders need to trust the information they receive is of the highest caliber so they can make informed and well-founded financial decisions, which is why assurance services have such a vital role.

Learn how DHG Incorporates Innovation and Technology into its Audits

Audit Innovation

DHG Assurance delivers extensive experience and skilled professionals to align with your objectives. Our proactive approach includes candid and open communication to address all your financial reporting needs. At the end of the day, we know how important it is for you to be able to trust the numbers; our commitment to independence and objectivity helps provide the security and confidence you desire.


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DHG works with you to identify and focus on specific areas of your organization’s reporting needs. Our attest procedures conform to professional standards and we work with clients to design cost effective solutions. Learn more.

Whether you are publicly traded or privately held, DHG can provide an independent and objective view into your financial reporting. We leverage the latest technologies and process automation tools to provide companies assurance on their financial statements in meeting stakeholders' needs. Learn more.

From benefit plan audits to consulting on a plan’s operational environment and financial reporting requirements, DHG can work closely with you to meet regulations. Our customized approach facilitates an efficient audit with minimal disruption to your company’s staff. Learn more.

Working with both publicly traded and privately held entities, as well as those in highly-regulated industries, DHG applies a structured approach to help you assess risk and improve your risk management capabilities. Learn more.

DHG has extensive experience working with multinational companies, which includes serving as auditor for domestic companies with outbound operations as well as auditing U.S. subsidiaries of companies with inbound investments. We are familiar both with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

DHG is a member of Praxity, the largest and fastest-growing alliance of independent accountancy and consulting firms worldwide,* which provides our domestic audit clients with international resources in more than 110 countries.

Learn more about our International Services.

Many companies overlook the risk associated with IT systems and infrastructure. Particularly, companies that rely on internet technology or software applications are highly exposed to IT risk. Our IT Advisory professionals can provide clients the confidence that their data is secure and their risk level is minimized. Learn more.

DHG works with hundreds of publicly traded companies in the delivery of assurance, tax or advisory services, within the U.S. and globally. Learn more.

From IT operations to specialized technology and applications, many companies outsource business processes to achieve cost savings and maintain or protect their data. However, if this data were ever processed incorrectly, compromised or lost, the damage to the company could be devastating. our SOC Reports can provide a thorough analysis of a service provider and their ability to keep your confidential data protected. Learn more.

While statutory audits are often conducted in order to meet regulatory or industry requirements, their benefits are valuable. DHG’s statutory financial audits can facilitate the fulfillment of your statutory obligations in addition to helping you avoid financial challenges by identifying potential risks and procedural weaknesses. Our overall goals as your statutory financial auditor are to assist in your organization's compliance with reporting under specific statutory accounting frameworks.

Our people are armed with the assurance knowledge and experience necessary to provide superior services.

DHG is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and is a member of the AICPA’s Center for Audit Quality and the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plans Audit Quality Center. Many of our members and management staff professionals participate on various committees of the AICPA as well as state societies of certified public accountants while many hold leadership positions in a variety of industry trade organizations.