Valuation Services

discerning, extracting and clarifying value

Valuation needs range from simple advisory services for closely-held, family-owned businesses to complex compliance and dispute resolution consulting for private and publicly owned companies, both domestic and international. Risk and uncertainty necessitate informed business decisions based on objective, supportable calculations or conclusions of value.

Our valuations are supported by extensive fair value and fair market value experience combined with adherence to strict professional standards. Many of our professionals hold multiple accreditations or certifications in valuation.

We have extensive experience in the following valuation matters:

  • Dispute
  • Financial Reporting
  • Healthcare
  • Income, Estate, and Gift Tax
  • Valuation Consulting
Highlighted Services


In connection with other DHG service lines, we provide the following dispute valuation services:

Income, Estate & Gift Tax

Valuation Consulting

DHG provides valuation consulting for multi-national companies related to the following:

  • Outbound Property Transfers
    • Personal Property
    • Intangible Property
  • Interest Allocation
    • Fair Market Value (FMV) Method
  • Royalty Searches
  • Fair Value Assessments
  • Transfer Pricing


We collaborate resources and experience from other DHG industry and service professionals to deliver a comprehensive, integrated approach to serve clients. We have subject matter experience in the following industries:


Cost-Effective Valuation Solutions

DHG Valuation Services call on the firm’s collective experience across all industry and service lines to objectively evaluate tangible and intangible assets, including complex capital structures, international operations and intellectual property. Our valuations are supported by extensive fair value and fair market value knowledge combined with adherence to strict professional standards.

Whether your valuation needs regard continuing operations or a possible change in ownership, our technically proficient, experienced and highly credentialed team will deliver exceptional service.

DHG Valuations Team Credentials:
  • Accredited in Business Valuation
  • Accredited Senior Appraiser
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Certified in Financial Forensics
  • Certified Insolvency & Restructuring Advisor
  • Certified Management Advisor
  • Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Valuation Analyst
  • Master Analyst in Financial Forensics

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