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Finance and Process Transformations are the foundations for large businesses to create and drive change through their organizations. At DHG, we provide a solutions- based approach with deep institutional and industry knowledge executed by cross-functional teams. Our comprehensive approach to project definition, resourcing, communication and support requires that we engage the right resources, empowered to drive value and efficiency into processes of all kinds. Specializing in ERP implementation support, Data Analytics, Data Lineage and Integrity initiatives and Process Redesign, our team is experienced with complex organizations and equipped with the skill sets to help our clients succeed.

Processes, Procedures & Controls

The intricacies of evolving technology and business processes often create complex systems that require analysis and redesign to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and increase utility. Our team brings a deep understanding of industry knowledge and business process, procedure and controls to assist our clients in meeting their business objectives. Services include:

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Integrity Modeling and Remediation
  • Data Quality Projects
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Finance Operations
  • General Ledger Optimization
Operating Procedure Analysis and Documentation

Our team brings a deep understanding of industry knowledge and business process skills. We recognize the need for comprehensive reviews, assessments, documentation, and reporting on the operational complexities finance, regulation and information technology

Performance Improvement

The pace of change in the business environment continues to exponentially increase. Harnessing this momentum requires a continual focus on process improvement, and having a sustainable and evolving system for monitoring and evaluating the process flow. Our experience and cross-functional approach creates performance improvement and management systems that are self-sustaining and evolve with changing business needs. DHG’s procedures include operational transformation, process restructuring, systems evaluation, cost improvement, in addition to future state recommendations and implementation.

Process, Procedure & Reporting Re-Design

We have the experience to assess the processes in place, evaluate the appropriate procedures to be implemented, innovate by implementing small cost effective changes that align with business objectives and goals.

Project Management Assistance

It is imperative to create and implement a standard of project management policies, processes and methods that results in the most efficient use of time and resources. Standardizing process flows creates a source for future guidance, documentation and metrics related to project management within your firm. We assist our clients in effectively managing projects by optimizing resources, effective time management and streamlining of process flows.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Assisting with the challenges of a successful integration.

DHG’s disciplined approach to integration helps achieve a successful outcome with a merger or acquisition by helping our clients focus on the right activities at the right times. Our services include:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Legal Entity Restructuring
  • Merger Integration Services

Middle market companies across numerous industries face complicated market transactions. For more information on how DHG can help, see our Transaction Advisory Services page.

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