Risk Capability

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Risk Capability: Beyond the Tipping Point

Risk capability is not an application, but rather an algorithmic approach used to evaluate an organization’s unique position and to determine the most effective trajectory to achieve its desired future state. We believe that in each state, from the current to the transition and into the future, careful planning can enable an organization to thrive. That planning looks carefully at an organization’s Foundational Elements through the lens of its future state (Balanced Revenue Portfolio, Economic Sustainability, Targeted Clinical Transformation, Deep Market Understanding and Scalable Technology & Analytics). Each organization will arrive at a Risk Capable solution that is adapted to their unique capacity and transformational agility.

The risk capable organization is one that prioritizes the following critical goals:

  • Responsible Confidence in Economic Portfolio Transition
  • Thoughtful and Deliberate Response to Market Forces
  • Meaningfully Positive Community and Patient Clinical Impacts
  • Organizational Preparedness and Transformational Agility
  • Committed Governance and Collaborative Culture
  • Alignment of Mission and Strategy with Pursuit of Value-based Care
Key Requirements
  1. Master of Both // Risk capability requires organizations to operate in an environment inevitably comprised of both FFS and non-FFS characteristics
  2. New Lens // The new economy mandates a fresh, wider-angle lens on organizational focus, encompassing strategic decisiveness and ‘real-time’ execution
  3. Revenue Portfolio Construction // The best revenue portfolio approach optimizes margin and advances organizational interests
  4. True Partnerships // Relationship portfolio considerations are crucial to business model evolution in a post-tipping-point marketplace
Risk Capability Infographic
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