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A Innovative Healthcare Partner for a Dynamic Industry

We recognize that nearly 20% of our national economy is undergoing a radical operational and financial transformation and we recognize that our clients share the common challenge of navigating this unprecedented journey to higher quality at lower cost. For those healthcare organizations that wish to thrive in this new economy, a new level of dialogue and collaboration will be required where historic competitors will become allies, shared accountability will be the norm and markets will change in an instant.

Starting that dialogue with DHG Healthcare is the first step towards a responsible, productive and energizing approach to this shift. It mandates a partner that inspires courage and brings honesty, insight and a forward-thinking point of view.

DHG Healthcare Consulting - The Resourceful Partner

Our consulting business includes a distinctive capabilities and solutions portfolio sharply focused on critical business issues facing healthcare organizations in today’s transformative environment.

We have aligned our organizational structure to support transformational themes related to the achievement of ‘Risk Capability,’ which we believe is critical to the successful future of our healthcare clients.

By organizing around capabilities and solutions we are able to rapidly deploy multi-functional teams to guide our clients through the key challenges of today and tomorrow.

The breadth and depth of the DHG Healthcare Consulting team enables us to rapidly deploy multi-functional teams skilled in assisting our clients in addressing the key challenges of the day and advancing the transformational dialogue. These teams are focused along the key transformational themes of the healthcare industry:

Risk Capability: Beyond the Tipping Point

The healthcare ecosystem (including providers, payers and employers) is undergoing a radical shift from a traditional fee-for-service economy towards one that is value-based with vastly increased expectations for quality and cost. While the speed at which individual markets tip from one economy towards the other has varied, we believe that the healthcare industry, as a whole, has passed the tipping point. At this point and beyond, healthcare organizations will be facing greater risk for payment of services despite the impact to the organization, both financially and operationally.

We believe that risk capability is the new measurement by which healthcare providers will thrive or struggle. This demands the creation of operational playbooks that enable organizations in specific markets to advance towards risk capability. As illustrated below, these game plans are unique to each organization and market – and responsive to specific execution beyond the tipping point.

Risk Capability infographic

Read more about Risk Capability here.

Highlighted Service Offerings

Bundled Payments and Payment Models

Alternatives to fee-for-service continue to grow increasingly important and common in the healthcare reform era. DHG Healthcare's thought leaders on bundled payments are helping clients every day with both the immediate opportunities of Bundled Payments and Payment Models. Bundled Payments and Payment Models for Care Improvement (BPCI) and Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model (CJR), as well as, other alternative payment models.

More About DHG Healthcare

Our People: The Right Team

Experienced, knowledgeable and credible, DHG Healthcare professionals are a diverse and accomplished group of trusted advisors delivering the highest level of quality service. Our service teams understand the challenges facing the healthcare industry and are prepared to assist providers with the rapid changes health reform is accelerating. Click People above to read more about our team.

Our Transformational Perspective: Achieving Risk Capability is Critical to Future Success

Healthcare providers are preparing to accept greater risk for payment of services. Increasing an organization’s Risk Capability requires a focus on three critical success factors: Enterprise Intelligence, Revenue Transformation and Clinical Enterprise Maturity.

Our Locations

As the national healthcare practice of DHG, DHG Healthcare serves clients across the United States with focused local presence in: Atlanta, Georgia; Cleveland, Ohio, Nashville, Tennessee, Metro DC; and throughout the Carolinas.


DHG Healthcare is the national healthcare practice of DHG guiding our Assurance, Tax and Consulting clients through today’s dynamic healthcare environment in all 50 states. Our industry dedicated team provides distinctive professional services to many of the most well-known and innovative healthcare brands in the country.


  • Ranked by Modern Healthcare as the 10th largest privately-held healthcare consulting firm
  • 300+ dedicated healthcare industry professionals across consulting, assurance and tax
  • 50+ dedicated healthcare industry partners, principals and directors
  • A preeminent industry segment within DHG
  • Highly-diversified client base (providers across the pre-acute to post-acute continuum, community hospitals, large integrated health systems national proprietary chains, health plans and managed care organizations)
  • Deployed against the entire provider ecosystem
  • Healthcare technology assets include advanced business intelligence and software hosting capabilities
  • Market-leading alliances further extend our deep capabilities

At DHG Healthcare, our professional healthcare capabilities are exceptionally aligned with the dynamic transformational business environment that healthcare ecosystem stakeholders are experiencing today. No other firm can demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of the industry as we continually build our national healthcare practice in direct alignment with our perspective on healthcare transformation.

Our Transformational Perspective: Achieving Risk Capability is Critical to Future Success

Healthcare providers are preparing to accept greater risk for payment of services. Increasing an organization’s risk capability requires a focus on three critical success factors: Business Intelligence, Revenue Transformation and Clinical Enterprise Maturity. Read more about risk capability here. DHG Healthcare’s transformational perspective is central to our Assurance, Tax and Consulting service approaches.

We bring tremendous experience serving clients across the evolving continuum of care.


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