Powering Transformations

Today’s leaders are charged with driving performance and innovation – regardless of economic, societal or public health headwinds. This mandate requires continual organizational renewal and the routine launch of transformational initiatives – resulting in a level of organizational change that carries significant economic and sustainability risk. Even more challenging, science proves we are biologically wired to resist this very change. This resistance is at the heart of why nearly 70 percent of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives.

For decades, organizations have attempted to address resistance to change with processes, task management and intricate communication plans. But at DHG, we believe leaders need more to successfully lead change. We guide our clients through these renewals and transformations with evidence-based perspectives, insightful analytics and offerings designed to identify and address the root of resistance. We aim to provide ideas ahead of our client’s needs and to be proactive in implementing change by establishing a change platform that leaders can leverage to drive organizations forward with the responsible confidence they need.


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Change is just the beginning – from the moment an organization announces a change, many crucial aspects must go right for a transition to deliver its envisioned benefit. We've designed our services to step into the gap between visualization and realization – addressing structures, skills and mindsets required to overcome resistance to change. Regardless of the offering, our approach begins with the latest evidence-based research. Our teams utilize innovative collaboration tools to break down transitions and analyze the catalysts and barriers to success – leaving behind tangible results with a meaningful return.


At DHG, we believe the resistance to change is biological – we are hardwired to resist it. To effectively address this fact, leaders need visibility into the root cause of that resistance and a platform that will unleash the productivity, efficiency and creativity of the people that will power any transition. For that reason, we apply insightful analytics, while unique approaches drive value and impact with each engagement.


DHG Healthcare has been a leader in facilitating the dialogue, reflection, and planning that critical situational change management requires through the deployment of tools such as the Innovation Acceleration Experience and Blue Sky Visioning. Within each implementation, walking alongside our clients to guide them in driving meaningful engagement and organizational change.

Whether in the early stages of the design, the all-important phases of participant engagement, or the long-term journey to implementation, we have been honored to support numerous organizations on their path to Risk Capability and beyond.


Speakers Photo Locke, Kevin
Managing Principal, Healthcare

Kevin is the Principal-in-Charge of DHG Healthcare's Transformational Solutions and serves as a leader in our Nashville office. He provides advisory services related to strategic planning, physician alignment, clinical integration and population health management to clients across the provider continuum, including integrated health systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals, and large physician practices. He has served as an executive in healthcare operations, strategy, and alignment for over 20 years. Read more.

Speakers Photo Masone, Chris
Principal, DHG Healthcare

Chris serves as a Principal in our Enterprise Intelligence practice based out of Greenville, SC. He currently leads our Accountable Care Organization (ACO) analytics team, system and market access studies, product development and various Dashboarding initiatives. Chris previously spent 5 years as part of DHG Healthcare’s National Strategy Practice where he provided strategic planning and service line optimization in addition to leading extensive physician alignment initiatives such as clinical integration, co-management agreements, real estate joint ventures, employment strategies and directorships. Read more.

James is a Principal in the DHG Healthcare National Strategy Practice. James brings broad transformation perspective and experience to strategic, financial, and operational performance improvement initiatives. He has significant experience working with a broad spectrum of healthcare clients - including health systems, physician practices, post-acute providers, payers, and technology solution companies - addressing strategic and operational planning, population health management, organization planning and change management, and performance improvement. Read more.