The experiential Orange Frog Workshop™ teaches the science of sustainable peak performance through the application of the principles of positive psychology. The research is clear as illustrated in The Happiness Advantage: positive environments enhance performance.2

Six times engagement, three times productivity, and thirty-one percent more Productivity

As the healthcare industry faces significant and everchanging challenges, most recently the battle against COVID-19, building resilience and effectively engaging leaders and team members is paramount.

Applying the latest research-based techniques from the field of positive psychology, Orange Frog Workshop™ healthcare participants learn the practices of resilient leaders. This learning experience helps participants become more adaptable and develop the capacity to “see” more opportunities, leading to better results.


Despite using well-researched, intuitive approaches, the success of change initiatives remains alarmingly low with an approximate 30 percent success rate.1 Is there something flawed in these approaches? Not necessarily.

However, effective change, whether micro-operational or strategic and transformative, requires a foundation that develops key individual attributes associated with success in order to support individual activation:

Engagement, Creativity and Productivity

Positive psychology provides the key for driving these attributes. Building on the original work of thought leaders like Tal Ben-Shahar, Carol Dweck and Barbara Fredrickson, volumes of new research have found that when bringing an individual’s “brain to positive,” optimism and commitment emerge with quantitative success to follow shortly behind – these individuals and their teams experience the Happiness Advantage.


Throughout this interactive and adaptable workshop, healthcare participants are challenged to view the world through a different lens. Whether in-person or virtual, the Orange Frog Workshop utilizes the parable of the Orange Frog as a learning catalyst to train, educate and inspire participants throughout four phases:

Foundations icon

In both personal performance and within a healthcare team, the research is clear – positive psychology creates a meaningful difference in performance. This portion of the workshop ensures healthcare participants fully understand and buy into foundational principles.

Concepts icon

Several core concepts underpin the benefits of positive psychology. This component of the workshop dives into these concepts so healthcare participants can explore their tangible application and potential impact.

Transformation icon

All transformation begins with the individual. The third component of the workshop gives healthcare participants the tools they need to begin their personal transformation: building their potential, investing in an important social network and driving their personal and team performance.

Connections icon

An individual’s Social Network (those who surround them within their healthcare environment) have a dramatic impact on an individual’s ability to see the positive and achieve out-sized results. This final component of the workshop helps participants cultivate those connections, understand their power and identify techniques to develop them further.


Shawn Achor

The Happiness Advantage (2010) and Big Potential (2018).

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology began as a domain of psychology in 1998 when Martin Seligman chose it as the theme for his term as president of the American Psychological Association. His focus in this area lead to building a humanistic movement, which encouraged an emphasis on happiness, well-being and positivity, thus creating the foundation for what is now known as positive psychology.


A Story of an “Orange” Transformation – Genesis Health System

Summary – Genesis Health System serves 17 counties in the Quad Cities metropolitan area of Iowa and Illinois. With over 5,000 employees, 1,500 nurses and 750 providers, Genesis utilized the Orange Frog Workshop as catalyst for their organizational transformation. View a summary of that journey, a description of the path they followed and the impact their team members felt.

Spreading The Orange

Staff members at Genesis fondly share “spreading the orange” stories illustrating the power of positivity. View the complete Genesis video library by visiting this page on your laptop or desktop computer.

Genesis Medical Center addresses challenges impacting the organization.
Genesis Medical Center considers options for addressing challenges impacting their organization.
Business Case
Business Case
Genesis Medical Center explores how to bring the Orange Frog Workshop to their organization.
Genesis Medical Center details the method behind rolling out the Orange Frog Workshop.
Staff members at Genesis fondly share “spreading the orange” stories illustrating the power of positivity.
Genesis Medical Center shares outcomes as a result of the Orange Frog Workshop.
Next Steps
Next Steps
Learn how Genesis Medical Center plans to share their experience across the community.


Social Connection in a Time of Physical Distancing