Bringing clari3ty to your approach to change

Each year, organizations of all shapes and sizes spend billions of dollars on projects that require behavioral change. Whether large or small, adapting to these changes can make the difference between benefits realized or opportunities lost. And each year, a staggering number of these projects fail to meet expectations – but why? Is the culprit organizational culture, management style, or simply the organization’s readiness for just one more project?

Change leaders are challenged by lots of opinions about change readiness, but very little evidence-based research. What has emerged is a wide range of thoughtful approaches to change management. But without data that assesses the organizational, individual, and cultural challenges to change, these well-intended approaches become yet another "process" and lose their potential to be scalable, sustainable catalysts for change.



Developed solely to assist organizations take the guesswork out of change management, the three modules within the Clari3ty Analytics Platform are designed to bring insight, intelligence, and impact to your change management approach. Equipping leaders with an understanding of the environment a change will face and the confidence to build a strategy uniquely designed to their organization's needs.


Gain insight into the organization’s unique culture of change and its influence on the conditions that drive the acceptance or resistance to change across the organization


To establish a baseline of change readiness across the organization while pinpointing the areas in most need of attention from an intelligent change management strategy


Uncover the unique style that each individual utilizes as they process change internally and with those within their sphere of influence to gauge their personal impact