Bringing Clari3ty to your approach to change

Each year, organizations of all shapes and sizes spend billions of dollars on projects and initiatives that require behavioral change. Whether large or small, adapting to these changes can make the difference between benefits realized or opportunities lost. And each year, a staggering number of these initiatives fail to meet expectations – but why? Is the culprit organizational culture, management style, or merely the lack of readiness? More than likely, it is a combination of all three.

Developing unique and timely business strategies is difficult enough. Leaders should not have to guess about what their people will need to adapt to the change that accompanies these strategies. Clari³ty was designed to take the guesswork out of change. Many of today's change frameworks rely on simple questionnaires or engagement surveys to answer the question of organizational change readiness - this is a mistake and potentially a costly one.

Correctly assessing this readiness is the first, and arguably most important, question leaders will answer in the change process. Clari³ty combines cutting-edge science and in-depth analysis to provide leaders the holistic readiness perspective they need to design a customized change strategy, aligned with their unique organizational ambitions.

When Your Organization Needs Clari³ty


If you are looking to grow your organization, Clari³ty can assist in identifying those cultural elements that will propel you forward – or hold you back.


Whether through routine redesign, or M&A activities, Clari³ty will help identify the activities that will spark creativity that consolidation will need, and the trust-building transitional objects that will support an effective transition.


Bold strategic plans, and the repositioning they entail, require organizations to drive strategic change. Clari³ty helps provide leaders the holistic perspective across readiness, culture, and management that this type of change requires.


Optimization initiatives are the energy behind the efficiency today's environment requires. Clari³ty helps provide leaders with perspective into their people's readiness and the management team's capability to drive the change that always accompanies such initiatives.


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The Biology Behind Resistance to Change

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Defining an organization's approach to change and preparing for its implementation is hard work – and today's environment has made it even harder. But that approach doesn't have to be informed by dated or generic principles and anecdotal feedback or perspectives. Clari³ty is designed to bring science and precision to any organization's approach to change.

The stakes are too high for organizations to guess what their people need to thrive. When they do, they waste time and money – both too precious and costly to lose. We've seen and read about countless failed change initiatives; with Clari³ty, we can help you take the guesswork out of change.

Using evidenced-based and validated diagnostic surveys, Clari³ty combines an interactive analytics platform and insightful analysis. This combination provides organizations and their leaders the invaluable perspective they need to reduce the risk of a change approach misaligned with their people's needs. With this alignment in place, leaders can confidently execute their organization's most critical strategies and initiatives.

Service Excellence

Clari³ty was explicitly designed to mitigate the costly risks of a misaligned change approach by empowering leaders and organizations to create informed change strategies – customized to their aspirations and needs. The services that accompany the Clari³ty modules ensure clients are positioned to take full advantage of the perspective Clari³ty provides.

Dashboard Configuration

Each module of Clari3ty utilizes advanced visualization technologies to create highly interactive dashboards. Clari3ty is not a "cookie-cutter" solution, and for that reason, each dashboard is configured to meet our clients’ unique needs As part of our configuration activities, we conduct a Clari3ty Design Workshop. Within that event, we collaborate with our clients to understand their organizational design, data segmentation, and business practices. This understanding enables our team to segment their populations and configure their dashboards to present their diagnostic results in a manner that most effectively supports their on-going management analysis and business operations.

Analysis and Alignment

While some change management tools come with little or no consulting or analysis, Clari3ty is accompanied by services that combine analysis and perspective. Our analysis, led by our Professor-in-Residence, follows a team-based approach. Our approach combines the rigor of research-level analysis and the management consulting insight of our People & Change members.

Following the completion of our analysis, we collaborate with our clients to gather an understanding of their business planning process and strategic initiative portfolio. Based on their current plans and the analysis that emerged from the Clari3ty modules, we will complete a customized recommendation roadmap that will align what we've learned through Clari3ty with their on-going initiatives, aspirations, and organizational potential.


Clari3ty provides an opportunity for deep organizational learning. When completing either the Intelligence or Insight modules, our service plan includes a mid-year refresh of our original data. This refresh enables our People & Change consultants to reconnect with our clients to assess their progress against their work and recalibrate their activities moving forward. This learning and adaptation allow Clari3ty to contribute to the sustainability of organizational change – and the capability to more effectively manage moving forward.

Analytics Platform

Developed solely to assist organizations take the guesswork out of change management, the three modules within the Clari³ty Analytics Platform are designed to bring Insight, Intelligence, and Impact to your change management approach. At the heart of each module are scientifically validated diagnostic instruments. These are not simple surveys but efficient vehicles for the direct input that evidence-based perspective requires.


Clari3ty is a central component of several People & Change service offerings, including:

Clari3ty is also an important component of several other Advisory service offerings, including:


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Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Amit joined DHG in 2019 as Chief Data and Analytics Officer. He oversees the firm’s data and analytics strategy, provides guidance on enterprise data governance and helps DHG develop data-centric decision-making models to enhance firm-wide operations and increase the value proposition the firm brings to clients. As head of DHG’s data function, Amit is responsible for curation, maintenance and management of the firm’s data and knowledge assets. Read more.

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Dr. Victoria M Grady is the Academic Director of the MSM Graduate Program and Associate Professor of Management/Organizational Behavior School of Business at George Mason University. Victoria's research focuses on the science-based behavioral implications of organizations introducing and implementing organizational change—her unique emphasis is the role of Attachment Behavior and Transitional Objects within the change process. She also serves as the DHG Healthcare Professor-in-Residence. In this role, she leads the practice's change research agenda and works directly with the firm's People & Change practice leaders to practically apply this research to our clients' challenges.

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