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Much of today's work in the People & Change space is genericized and directional. Top-down approaches focused on platforms, coalitions and sponsorship or bottom-up approaches focused on end-user training and go-live events. But these approaches typically miss the hard stuff in the middle, such as design, rewards and capabilities.

DHG Healthcare applies a situational approach to change by addressing the holistic opportunities and challenges any change brings; however, our approach is also designed to flex to the unique characteristics of each distinct situational environment. Organizations in pursuit of risk capability require an approach that addresses all three – top, bottom and middle.

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Solution Set Connections

Designed to be applied across our solution set portfolio, our dynamic financial modeling capability is most routinely deployed as an integral part of the following solution sets.

Targeted Offerings

In addition to playing integral roles within our solution set portfolio, we also deploy our People & Change capability as a primary focus of targeted engagements aimed at specific issues within this space. Several examples of these are as follows.

  • Change and Communications Management
  • Innovation Acceleration Experience and Blue Sky Visioning
  • Organizational Strategy and Design
  • Program and Portfolio Management
  • Rewards and Workforce Management
  • Talent and Leadership Development


DHG Healthcare has been a leader in facilitating the dialogue, reflection, and planning that critical situational change management requires through the deployment of tools such as the Innovation Acceleration Experience and Blue Sky Visioning. Within each implementation, walking alongside our clients to guide them in driving meaningful engagement and organizational change.

Whether in the early stages of the design, the all-important phases of participant engagement, or the long-term journey to implementation, we have been honored to support numerous organizations on their path to Risk Capability and beyond.