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Medical and pharmaceutical advancements have reduced the total cost of care on a per capita basis over the past 10 years. Advancements in technologies, drug therapies, artificial intelligence and clinical trials have yielded the medical community new best practices and standards of care that have led to a reduction in the total cost and an improvement in the quality of outcomes. Nevertheless, the cost to the purchaser and consumer continues to increase. The average annual family healthcare premium is expected to surpass $20,000 in 2019. This amount is just a portion – typically three to five percent – of the total cost to the insuring organization.

What is the story behind the number that explains this phenomenon? The iluminus solution set illuminates the path to meaningfully bend this troubling cost curve. Purchasers (employers and employees) are in a unique position to reverse the cost trend, contribute to population health objectives and most importantly, live healthier lives. Listed below are just a few of the offerings we provide our clients to support their journey.




Offering Listing

  • Health Plan Assessment
  • Health Plan Design
  • Employee Population Health Management
  • Wellness / Employee Engagement
  • Ancillary Benefit Integration


Analytics Listing

  • Plan Performance Assessor
  • Population Health Reviewer
  • Wellness / Employee Engagement Instrument



From assessment to implementation, iluminus solution set employer clients receive concierge service and predictive analytics focused on increasing the value of each dollar spent on healthcare and wellness programs for employees and plan members.

Employees and members of the plan receive support and education to increase engagement in quality programs that drive improved outcomes and employee satisfaction.


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