Lighting the Path to Better Health

Employee health insurance is a vital component of an organization’s benefit structure that demonstrates a commitment to the company’s values, mission and the wellbeing of its people. A solid benefit package that includes employer-subsidized insurance is critical to attracting and maintaining top talent. Yet, the recent and wide-ranging market changes are creating uncertainty for future healthcare costs, including a clear-eyed projection of the implications for an organization’s current and future economic position. The rising cost of healthcare is eroding margins and forcing many organizations to consider trade-offs between workforce and future growth potential.

As organizational healthcare spend continues to rise, the iluminus team will help identify untapped opportunities to reduce the trend of your healthcare spend and improve workforce health. DHG Healthcare’s approach can be implemented to match your organizational culture and strategic objectives.


Employer’s Healthcare Cost Expected to Rise Significantly Through 2021


Employers pay a premium amount to cover expected claim expenses but can sometimes have limited insight into how their investment is performing and being managed. Innovative employers are actively seeking new solutions to influence how employees and their families seek high quality, accessible healthcare and transform those interactions to more closely resemble the experiences consumers expect today.

There has never been a more important time to consider the strength, responsiveness and forward-looking orientation of your overall health plan platform, including various benefit advisory and vendor relationships.

Over the last two decades, obesity rates in America have reached crisis levels, and diabetes diagnoses have increased 68 percent. Mental illness and substance abuse among employees have also increased, with 9.5 percent of the U.S. adult population suffering from a depressive illness, which can cost employers $100 billion annually when left untreated. These conditions are often linked to poor diet, a lack of exercise and stress. This unhealthy lifestyle is not often considered a primary medical condition, however, it is a precursor to future dangerous and costly conditions.

This solution will help your organization understand, manage and make data-informed decisions about your health plan and customize solutions that align to your plan members greatest needs and control the annual cost trend of your health plan.

The current environment has never been more fluid or laden with economic, operational and financial challenges. Enterprise sustainability is, quite appropriately, the first order of the day relative to operational business interests inside the COVID-19 pandemic, and organizations must quickly develop new capabilities to recognize and adapt to the pace of change. To emerge from this crisis with strength and agility to adapt to whatever might represent the “new normal” post-emergence, we believe organizations should build responsive and dynamic financial modeling tools to make informed decisions on their strategy, execution and near-term intervention related to their business and workforce.

Employers should consider new and bold approaches to preserve the health and wellbeing of their workforce. Wellness engagement is the most vital step each individual employee should be encouraged to undertake as they adopt and maintain healthy behaviors and lifestyles, which should also include plans for sustainability after any relevant immediate emergency abates. Employers should immediately consider activating a robust wellness program that targets critical health conditions of their specific workforce and includes a broad set of resources for mental health, stress management and disease and condition management.

As the cost of healthcare services continue to rise, employers are exploring direct contracting arrangements with healthcare providers whereby services are rendered for an agreed upon price. These arrangements include a set of direct services delivered at a negotiated price by a high-quality healthcare provider. With thoughtful analysis, design and execution to tackle the complexities, these arrangements can result in cost savings for employers and plan members.


From assessment to implementation, iluminus solution set employer clients receive concierge service and predictive analytics focused on increasing the value of each dollar spent on healthcare and wellness programs for employees and plan members.

Employees and members of the plan receive support and education to increase engagement in quality programs that drive improved outcomes and employee satisfaction.