Powering Growth Through Innovative Strategy and Illuminating Analytics

Pursuing the right growth and optimization strategies is critical on the journey toward Risk Capability. Growth that is both aligned to an organization’s mission and provides a return that will support the long-term optimization of resources. In today’s environment, growth no longer comes through standard approaches and status quo, but through the execution of a thoughtful playbook embracing change driven by the market dynamics. Developing a holistic approach for your organization to thrive amid the challenges of the external markets and internal cultural demands requires a nimble and agile strategic direction that balances the long-term vision of your organization and current demands of the healthcare market.

The Growth and Optimization solution set was carefully designed to assist our clients as they face the need to grow their organizations while optimizing their current performance. A dual focus in these areas requires the courage and confidence that comes from illuminating analytics, insightful and innovative advisory services, and dynamic financial modeling.


Our team has developed a proven, customizable and proprietary approach to strategic planning with deep capabilities to lead clients through the types of transformational thinking and planning required in today’s healthcare environment.

We identify and estimate the future demand for services and providers by developing the ideal complement of services and access points.

By identifying and prioritizing the optimal service line strategies and access points through analytics, expertise and stakeholder engagement, we provide a roadmap that will outline the pathway to achieving an organization’s goals.

Our unique financial modeling process designed to support and facilitate decision-making can assist organizations in strategic and capital planning. As leaders confront the shifting dynamics of the market, they need sophisticated and reliable financial forecasts to inform planning efforts and understand the impacts of various scenarios across the enterprise.

Leveraging national and proprietary analytics, as well as industry expertise and experience, we enable data-driven decision-making to enhance your network and overall care.


A focus on growth and optimization has been at the center of DHG Healthcare’s practice for more than ten years. In that time the team has developed a thoughtful approach that guides clients through a discovery process that blends data and observation. This combination, the quantitative and qualitative sets the stage for creative vision design and disciplined implementation.

Bringing data to strategic planning and execution, we are honored to walk alongside some of the most forward-looking health systems as they drive toward clarity in their journey toward Risk Capability.