Transforming Financial Complexity into Strategic Clarity

calibrate is a unique financial modeling process within DHG Healthcare’s Advisory services that is designed to support and facilitate decision-making, mainly related to strategic and capital planning. Transcending across multiple solution sets, calibrate helps clients in multiple areas of the healthcare industry confront the shifting dynamics of the healthcare market. DHG’s calibrate provides sophisticated and reliable financial forecasts to inform planning efforts and understand the impacts of various scenarios across the enterprise.

Reimbursement changes, mandatory and voluntary risk and performance-based payment models, service line growth and optimization and partnership opportunities are just a few of the many levers that must be jointly considered to identify and prioritize initiatives necessary to maintain a competitive position and financial integrity along the path to risk capability.


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We work with clients to develop financial forecast and scenario models to inform Capital Project Planning and regularly incorporate Debt Capacity Analyses and Proforma Financial Reporting.

Our team has prepared financial feasibility studies supporting over $10 billion of funding, including USDA and HUD projects.

We work with clients to assess the current state of their systems and provide a gap analysis and recommendations for improvement. If a change in system is recommended, we assist in the decision-making process and provide implementation assistance as needed.


DHG Healthcare has been guiding its clients through strategic financial decision making since our founding. But today’s environment requires more sophisticated, dynamic tools and processes to drive clarity and courage. Using the calibrate process, we help our clients achieve stakeholder consensus about strategic and financial priorities through the development of a robust baseline model that includes dynamic assumptions for revenue and expenses.

The dynamic nature of these models, and the process we follow drives collaboration within client executive teams as they refine assumptions and develop illustrative scenarios, supported by forecasted financial statements and performance metrics that establish the economic framework of an organization’s path to risk capability and beyond.