Applied Analytics

informing and visualizing data-driven responses

The health and healthcare industry is awash with data. But how do you turn that data into the actionable analytics that can drive meaningful change when applied to the organization? DHG Healthcare’s Analytic Solutions help organizations shape and inform their response to the most complex clinical and business issues they face. Using data sets of all sizes, we empower our clients to drive direction, make immediate care coordination decisions and provide actionable insights across the continuum of care. The outputs enable and facilitate improved financial outcomes and promote a sustainable, risk-capable organization.

With a focus on providing clients with the right information at the right time, our experience in data analysis and episodic-based payment allows us to create powerful data visualization dashboards that quickly and intuitively enable users to understand and analyze complex data sets.

Solution Set Connections


The pursuit of Risk Capability requires investment in the scalable technology that provides leaders the actionable analytics that transformational agility demands. Our Sta2T analytics platform powers our solutions-based portfolio and is a catalyst for sustainable success in the evolving health and healthcare industry.

The Sta2T platform utilizes diverse datasets, proactive intelligence, and intuitive visualization, to flex to a wide range of circumstances. From service line planning and alternative payment modeling execution to optimizing physician enterprise performance - Sta2T is designed to spur the responsible confidence, the journey to Risk Capability requires.

Designed to be applied across our solution set portfolio, our Applied Analytics capability is routinely deployed as an integral part of the following solution sets.

Targeted Offerings


In addition to playing integral roles within our solution set portfolio, we also deploy our Applied Analytics capability as a primary focus of targeted engagements aimed at specific issues within this space. Several examples of these are as follows.

  • Market Access and Provider Analytics
  • Customized Episodic Payment Analytics
  • Post-Acute Services Analytics, Hosting, and Services/Billing Support
  • Custom Analytics Offerings



For the last twenty years, DHG Healthcare has provided the analytics that our clients required as the need for actionable data increased. As the industry as grown, DHG Healthcare has been successful in developing the platforms designed to shape and inform a data-driven response.

Our tools, informed by both our deep technical capabilities and understanding of the industry’s challenges, are functional and instrumental in facilitating the critical actions and decisions that drive success on the path to risk capability and beyond.

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