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The health and healthcare industry are flooded with data. However, data by itself is not information, and information without context is not actionable.

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, almost every organization struggles with prioritizing data analysis and getting actionable insights into the hands of its frontline employees.

DHG Healthcare believes that value is created not by building spreadsheets or struggling with do-it-yourself data visualization tools, but by executing strategies and driving meaningful change. Our Applied Analytics team focuses on building data platforms that drive informed decision-making and guide strategic initiatives. We augment our client’s capabilities to bring focus to improving clinical, financial and operational outcomes and promoting a sustainable, risk-capable organization.

With a focus on providing clients with the right information at the right time, our experience in data analysis allows us to create powerful data visualization dashboards that quickly and intuitively enable users to understand and analyze complex data sets.

Our proprietary Sta2T analytics platform is built on DHG Healthcare’s broad industry knowledge and subject matter expertise to proactively provide our clients with the information they need before they need it.



The pursuit of Risk Capability requires investment in the scalable technology that provides leaders with the actionable analytics that transformational agility demands. Our Sta2T analytics platform powers our solutions-based portfolio and is a catalyst for sustainable success in the evolving health and healthcare industry. The Sta2T platform utilizes diverse datasets, proactive intelligence and intuitive visualization to flex to a wide range of circumstances. From service line planning and alternative payment modeling execution to optimizing physician enterprise performance, Sta²t is designed to spur the responsible confidence that the journey to Risk Capability requires.

As the healthcare landscape continues to shift toward value-based care, alternative payment models (APM) have become increasingly popular. Whether organizations are participating in mandated or voluntary APMs, DHG Healthcare’s analytics are designed to support participation decisions, track program performance and identify financial and clinical opportunities. These dashboards are organized for executive and operational stakeholders, providing both high level summaries and granular drill-down capabilities.

DHG Healthcare has created a suite of analytics tools dedicated to APMs on performance against a target in an “episode of care.” These episodes are defined by a trigger event and the costs associated across the continuum of care for a defined period. Our Analytics Suite includes participation decision support and performance tracking tools related to:

  • BPCI-A: Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Advanced
  • CJR : Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program
  • OCM: Oncology Care Model
  • Custom Commercial Bundle Arrangements

Today, hundreds of organizations participate in APMs aimed to manage total cost of care and quality for specific patient populations. These models offer various options for financial risk, payment capitation and benchmark methodology. DHG Healthcare has developed user friendly dashboards that allow for quick and easy analysis of claims data, providing tailored solutions to help our clients answer questions related to potential participation and performance tracking in the following models:

  • Medicare Shared Savings / Pathways to Success Program (ACO)
  • Next Generation ACO Model
  • Direct Contracting Model
  • Primary Care First Model
  • Custom Commercial/Medicare Advantage Contracts

This platform provides user friendly data analytics with Practice Management (PM), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) systems. It is designed to provide physician enterprises with actionable insights into current and historical performance. Today’s physician enterprises require access to data to make informed business decisions and implement behavioral change initiatives. This technology enabler provides business leaders, managers and providers with transparent data that they can trust.

We are experienced professionals that assist business offices with overcoming challenges in staff turnover, high volume of unpaid claims and cash flow shortages by providing the appropriate solution to address your specific situation, including AR Process management and implementation, Training, Account resolution and Bookkeeping/General Ledger Support. DHG Healthcare has extensive experience in the hosting, support and implementation of the American HealthTech™ software product but has also worked with other industry software platforms.


The pursuit of Risk Capability requires investment in the scalable technology that provides leaders the actionable analytics that transformational agility demands. Our Sta2T analytics platform powers our solutions-based portfolio and is a catalyst for sustainable success in the evolving health and healthcare industry.

The Sta2T platform utilizes diverse datasets, proactive intelligence, and intuitive visualization, to flex to a wide range of circumstances. From service line planning and alternative payment modeling execution to optimizing physician enterprise performance - Sta2T is designed to spur the responsible confidence, the journey to Risk Capability requires.

Focusing on the core mission of the physician enterprise — providing quality clinical care — has never been more challenging than it is today. The provocative and dynamic nature of the healthcare industry is driving changes for physicians and other clinicians. We fundamentally believe that using data to drive performance serves as a distinguishing characteristic of high performing organizations.

The Sta2T platform helps bring clarity to clinical, operational, financial and quality performance and helps provide the insights required to identify areas of opportunity and execute against improvement playbooks. Sta2T consolidates data from multiple sources to produce a single source for near real-time enterprise and provider-level views — including comparisons to industry and internal benchmarks. Sta2T can facilitate timely interventions and reinforce positive institutional and individual behavior change.

As a cloud-based solution, Sta2T physician analytics can be deployed quickly and accessed easily by providers, executives and staff, accelerating efforts to enhance productivity and performance and generating significant return on investment (ROI).

The Sta2T platform offers Service Line Dashboard functionality that intuitively presents information in an easy to consume and dynamic format that supports the decision-making process from idea origination through execution.

The Service Line Dashboard is especially applicable to organizations that require a single source of truth, expeditious and accurate decision-making, data visualization and confident identification for strategic opportunities including:

  • Delivering a standardized platform that minimizes data processing variability by promoting a complete, accurate and timely analysis of service line performance.
  • Creating access to timely and accurate data. The efficiency in which this information is delivered and consumed is a key factor in becoming a successful, risk-capable organization.
  • Providing organizations with a single source of truth and offering data in a format that is digestible and informative.

Sta2T has developed custom dashboards that use 24 months of ACO data to create a detailed, high-value episodic lens into spending and variation across 48 different episodes. The data provided is actionable, leading to cost saving strategies that have high returns.

Organizations that participate in ACOs are evaluated on their ability to deliver better care for individuals, better health for populations and lower growth in expenditures. The Sta2T ACO Bundler gathers monthly Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) claims feeds, quarterly reports with expenditures, utilization and assignment metrics and annual summary results information to provide the following abilities:

  • Interpret monthly claims feeds into a meaningful and actionable format.
  • Track assigned beneficiaries across the care continuum.
  • Model data across episodes of care.
  • Identify high impact “spend” reduction opportunities across the continuum.

With the platform hosted online and delivered via an interactive dashboard, ACO participants receive a fully functional diagnostic and analytic tool, as well as a tutorial session focused on successful dashboard use and initial observations.

The Sta2T offering serves clients who are participating or currently considering participation in episodic bundled payments. By providing dynamic tools, Sta2T collaborates with organizations to evaluate the following:

  • Organizational Readiness — evaluate current model participation, performance and opportunity identification, including market readiness by completing an episodic opportunity assessment.
  • Decision Validation — establish target setting methodologies, CMS data mining, episode selection and go-forward decision-making.
  • Performance Monitoring — continuous performance monitoring with ongoing data logistics and visualization and key metric and spend variation analysis.

Sta2T’s BCPI Episodic Manager helps enable organizations to operationalize a strategy around actionable and timely reports that impact how providers focus on improving care across the care continuum.

Designed to be applied across our solution set portfolio, our Applied Analytics capability is routinely deployed as an integral part of the following solution sets.


In addition to playing integral roles within our solution set portfolio, we also deploy our Applied Analytics capability as a primary focus of targeted engagements aimed at specific issues within this space. Several examples of these are as follows.

  • Market Access and Provider Analytics
  • Customized Episodic Payment Analytics
  • Post-Acute Services Analytics, Hosting, and Services/Billing Support
  • Custom Analytics Offerings


For the last twenty years, DHG Healthcare has provided the analytics that our clients required as the need for actionable data increased. As the industry as grown, DHG Healthcare has been successful in developing the platforms designed to shape and inform a data-driven response.

Our tools, informed by both our deep technical capabilities and understanding of the industry’s challenges, are functional and instrumental in facilitating the critical actions and decisions that drive success on the path to risk capability and beyond.