Going Beyond in the Physician Enterprise

The core mission of the physician enterprise – providing quality clinical care – has never been more challenging than it is today. The provocative and dynamic nature of the healthcare industry is resulting in fundamental changes for physicians and other clinicians. These truly transformational changes dictate that leaders within the physician enterprise focus on enterprise sustainability, revenue portfolio management and deep market understanding.

DHG Healthcare’s Achieve™ is an advisory-informed, process-focused and technology-enabled solution set designed to assist physician enterprise leaders to align compensation models and strategic priorities, maximize productivity and access and enhance operations and clinical performance.


Successful healthcare organizations recognize the essential role of the provider. Provider alignment and integration engages physicians in strategy and planning for care delivery, performance improvement, financial management and optimizing the patient experience. New reimbursement programs require healthcare organizations and physicians to develop highly collaborative partnerships in the creation of programs that share accountability for and effectively manage risks.

Physician compensation plans should be considered an essential component of the governance and operational structures of an organization. The plans should reflect the high-level goals defined as part of organizational strategy. A properly architected plan encourages behaviors that are in service of the culture. An optimized operating model rests on a properly designed compensation program. Properly aligned compensation programs result from agreement and understanding of what is important for success.

The physician enterprise is often a complex collection of services and entities. Elevated enterprise performance requires attention to the complete portfolio of revenue generating and service providing programs. Efficient and effective operating structures, governance structures and financial and business operating models are required for survival. Practices must develop innovative solutions to survive and thrive in a dynamic and uncertain marketplace attending to all of the practice revenue generating activities and capitalizing on expanded market and service opportunities.

Sta2T is a DHG data analytics platform designed to provide physician enterprises with actionable insights into current and historical performance. Today’s physician enterprises require access to data to make informed business decisions and implement behavior change. This technology enabler provides business leaders, managers and providers with transparent data they can trust. We believe data is a strategic imperative and should be readily available while easy to understand. We also believe in data transparency, allowing team members at every level access to information regarding their performance. Access to meaningful, relatable and accurate analytics is a powerful strategic advantage for the physician enterprise.


Achieve effectively leverages best-in-class process, enabling technologies and deep, seasoned physician enterprise advisory experience to drive change that reconciles productivity, compensation and cash flow with the clinical mission, vision and values of the enterprise. The Achieve solution set not only drives current performance improvement but also establishes the forward-looking strategic, financial and operational structures to provide for the future risk capable physician enterprise.

We are proud that our clients are among the nations most recognized Academic Medical Centers and Health Systems clients in the U.S. as they search to optimize their physician enterprise.