Additional Services

Additional Services

Class Action & Settlement Consulting

From a Handful of Claims to Thousands, Class Action Litigation Requires Scalability

DHG Forensics has the knowledge, experience and flexibility necessary to handle a wide variety of class action and settlement consulting needs. Our team has experience in the class action and multi-district litigation arenas, from initial negotiations and methodology discussions to claims administration and processing, once an agreement is in place.

Initial discussions allow us to develop a team to meet your needs, focusing on experience, responsiveness and scalability. DHG Forensics is able to draw upon the experience of our damage calculation and litigation consulting professionals as well as incorporate the expertise of other industry professionals firm wide. We are experienced in quickly developing and training a team of internal and external resources, as well as developing modeling tools for data analysis and analytics to meet the demands of some of the largest and most complex matters.

  • Damage & Loss Methodology
  • Calculation of Damages
  • Data Analysis & Analytics
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Class Certification/Decertification
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Claims Administration
  • Claims Processing

Fraud Risk Consulting


The most cost effective way to deal with fraud is to deter it. However, certain deterrence strategies are more effective than others, and not all of them may be right for your organization. Your structure, culture and industry significantly influence your fraud risks and are the building blocks for the development of a deterrence strategy. Through observations, analysis and interviews, we work closely with you to help identify your specific fraud risks. We combine this with our fraud investigative experience to develop a comprehensive deterrence strategy; one crafted to uniquely fit your organization.


The effectiveness of any deterrence strategy can be undermined by poor implementation. Education of and communication with your employees on the importance of your deterrence strategy are paramount. We can assist your organization in this process by providing fraud awareness training tied to your deterrence strategy and customized to specific groups within your organization.


Our experience has shown that a policy not enforced will not be followed. The continued enforcement of your deterrence policies can help to ensure its continued effectiveness. Through unannounced investigations, we can help determine in real time if your employees are adhering to the policies of your deterrence strategy. This process will continue to reinforce the importance of your deterrence strategy and identify modifications that may become necessary as your business evolves.

Insurance Claims

Financial Expertise to Simplify the Business Insurance Claims Process

After decades of working with both policy holders and insurance carriers, our professionals are experienced at navigating the document-intensive claims process. Our vast financial and industry knowledge allows us to effectively research, communicate and document the necessary information to help determine the most appropriate claim resolution in an efficient and effective manner.

From pre-loss analysis of financial performance assistance to valuing claims after an incident, the DHG Forensics team has experience and insight to handle a wide variety of insurance related claims and related litigation, including, but not limited to:

  • Adequate Coverage Analysis
  • Claim Preparation
  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Business Insurance & Extra Expense Claims
  • Fidelity, Indemnity & Surety Bond Claims
  • Claim Evaluation & Review
  • Calculation of Damages
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Bad-Faith Claims

Neutral Party Services

When Opposing Parties Can’t Agree, Objective Opinions Matter

Whether court-appointed or engaged by the disputing parties, DHG is experienced in providing neutral party services related to business and accounting issues in a variety of cases and industries. DHG professionals may assess and evaluate the details of these cases on an informed and objective basis to help yield the appropriate outcome.

Assisting businesses, attorneys and the courts, DHG provides the following neutral services:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Receivership, Conservatorship & Sequestration
  • Post-Acquisition & Post-Closing Adjustments
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Joint Consulting for Accounting & Business Transactions


We collaborate with resources from other DHG industry and service offerings to deliver a comprehensive, integrated approach to serve clients. We have subject matter experience in the following industries:

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