Organizations must be nimble to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. Whether exploring a growth strategy through mergers & acquisitions, responding to allegations of fraud or navigating a business dispute, DHG is prepared to provide independent analysis and objective advice.

DHG’s Forensic & Valuation Services (FVS) practice is a multidisciplinary team of professionals including forensic accountants, forensic technologists and business valuation professionals. Our FVS team works closely with other DHG professionals to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, owner-managed businesses, federal, state and local governmental agencies and individuals. Serving clients across the country and across the globe, our FVS team is ready to assist you.


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We provide a broad range of litigation services including:

Broad Range of Litigation Services

Our leaders have experience testifying as expert witnesses in state and federal courts, as well as before arbitration panels and other alternative dispute resolution forums. They have been qualified as experts in forensic accounting, damages, valuation and other areas. We regularly assist clients and their customers in commercial litigation, divorce matters, personal injury claims and other disputes requiring accounting, economic and related expertise.

Complex business disputes are increasingly being resolved in alternative dispute resolution forums including accounting neutrals working alone or as part of a panel. Our FVS practice leaders bring decades of practical business experience to each neutral assignment. Whether you are dealing with a post-acquisition (purchase price) dispute, partnership dispute or other matter, they will work with the parties to develop an efficient dispute-process resolution and fairly evaluate the facts and render an award decision.

We regularly conduct investigations on behalf of boards, management teams and in-house counsel, often at the direction of legal counsel, in connection with allegations of fraud, whistleblower reports, government investigations or in support of potential litigation. We bring a trifecta of investigative experience, industry knowledge and subject matter resources, including accounting and SEC financial reporting national office professionals to each assignment.

DHG FVS teams are trained on our 5-step investigative methodology, which serves as the starting point to address our client’s specific situation.

Five Step Investigative Methodology

Our forensic technologists provide digital forensics and cybersecurity services. We offer a suite of forensic technology capabilities to support our investigations, including digital forensics, electronic document review hosting and data analytics. We can collect electronically stored information (ESI) from essentially any device including phones, tablets, laptops and servers, process and analyze the data and host it for review by third parties.

Forensic technology professionals are integral to our forensic accounting, investigative and litigation services, allowing us to provide holistic solutions with maximum efficiency.

DHG Valuation professionals have the depth of experience, relevant education, and appropriate credentials to assess the factors influencing the value of a business enterprise. Our valuation professionals are proficient in fair value (financial reporting), fair market value (most tax-based reporting methods) and fair value for litigation (such as shareholder disputes). Our professionals adhere to professional standards of business appraisal as promulgated by various oversight bodies (e.g., AICPA, ASA, CFA Institute) and are committed to providing hands-on, high-quality services. The scope of our experience includes the performance of valuation services in a variety of areas as identified below.


Valuation services include business valuation, complex security valuation, creation and validation of financial models and intangible asset valuation. Our work is regularly reviewed by major audit firms, bank regulators and tax authorities. In addition, our professionals have been qualified as experts in business valuation in numerous commercial and domestic litigation matters.


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