Risk management is at the core of identifying opportunity and mitigating the downside of business activities.

Taking risk is part of doing business. Companies who focus on understanding and managing their risks can make informed decisions about the risks they want to take, as well as the ones they don’t. Risk frameworks, data, modeling, analytics and technology are at the core of unlocking the value of enterprise risk management. Our team of dedicated Enterprise Risk and Quantitative Advisory professionals are ready to help your company to proactively balance risk and opportunity in today’s interconnected and continuously evolving business landscape.


Data Management
Data is a core asset that companies should employ in the management of their risk profile. DHG’s data management team helps empower executive decision-making through implementation of data strategy, governance, quality, controls, architecture and lineage.
Quantitative Solutions
The DHG Quantitative Solutions Practice provides model development, implementation, validation and risk management services to our global clients. Our team members bring a combination of quantitative and qualitative skills to tackle the key facets of the model lifecycle. Our ability to communicate highly complex quantitative topics to a broad range of stakeholders serves to drive sustainability in improved modeling and model risk management practices.
Risk Analytics & Reporting
DHG empowers companies through developing insightful risk analytics presented in intelligent reporting frameworks for actionable and timely decision-making. We partner with clients to tell your story through data visualization and provide powerful context to end users.
Risk Architecture & Technology
A risk management program should have the infrastructure to keep it functioning effectively and at a speed that serves its stakeholders. Our advisors bring functional and technical expertise to help companies improve and implement their risk technology infrastructure.
Risk Management & Controls
Establishing foundational risk management components provides line of sight into where controls are needed throughout business activities. DHG’s enterprise risk methodology creates a consistent yet dynamic approach across risk types and allows for aggregation of risks to create a holistic view of the risk landscape.
Featured Capability - Sustainability & Climate Risk Solutions

Scientists have studied climate risk for decades, with the private sector and regulators around the world catching up at an unprecedented rate.

Climate stress tests and disclosures are top of mind for our clients and DHG is at the forefront of climate risk implementation solutions. DHG’s Sustainability and Climate Risk solutions cover the broad range of activities on client agendas including embedding climate risk into existing risk frameworks, scenario modeling, data sourcing, disclosures, reporting and overall implementation planning. Our team of dedicated domain professionals are prepared to advise on the complexities of climate risk to help manage your organization’s contribution to the global imperative of sustainability.




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