DHG Search – Dream Teams. Real Results.

Making a difference in the marketplace starts and ends with people. The right people. When your leaders share the same passion for your clients and reflect a commitment to excellence, it carries through every facet of your organization.

And team members, clients and communities take notice.

Meet Your Match

DHG Search listens first.

We take the time to understand your entire organization, your culture, your vision. Such an approach helps us deliver the ideal candidate, a senior executive that aligns with the strategy and spirit of your business, that provides the perfect balance of embracing what makes your business great and inspiring the organization to more success.

Choose from retained, contingency and interim search options.

In every case, DHG Search does more than put someone in your corner office. We put the someone who will be in your corner.

Executive Search. Leaders Found.

As DHG serves a number of industries with our integration of professional services, we not only know the challenges and opportunities of your industry, but we also deliver a coast-to-coast network of leadership talent.

We know where the high-impact players are, and their career goals and executive search team can better match them with your organization.

Professional Search Pros.

With our executive management focus, we excel in finding, recruiting, and placing operational and technical leaders that offer the skills and certification to help your organization maximize processes. Look to us to help you find professionals for:

  • Senior Executive Search: Trust us for C suite Placements - CEO, COO, CFO, CTO
  • Executive Search: Upper Management Executives – VP, Director, Controller
  • Professional Search: Find unique qualified technical professionals in Finance, Accounting, and Information Technology
The Process Behind Finding Your Person
  1. Listen first.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Listen more.
  4. Understand the whole organization.
  5. Develop a strategic recruiting profile via analytics, industry insights and experience.
  6. Recruit locally and nationally from DHG's extensive network.
  7. Pre-screen candidates to determine fit.
  8. Introduce you to a person you'll want to meet.
Retained Search

When you are seeking to fill a senior executive or impact role, DHG Search recommends a retained search to garner genuine interest in your organization by premium candidates. Retained searches are more in-depth, and take more time, as we lean on analytics to develop more due diligence, including customized interview questions, team culture considerations, and market and industry trends. But the extra time and effort devoted to this tailored search process better helps us deliver the right candidate for your complete company.

 Current Opportunities


Providing a Competitive Edge to Executive Compensation


We focus on the following industries:

  • Dealerships
  • Construction / Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • IT Managed Services
  • Manufacturing & Distribution

We draw on a full scope of resources to meet your executive search needs, along with a nationwide network of qualified, experienced active and passive job candidates. Our strategic recruiting process gives you insight you can trust, backed by our placement guarantee.