Regardless of industry, every organization faces transition. While these transitions vary in their composition, they carry a common thread. Within each transition, an opportunity is waiting to be discovered.

  • Could reimaging your finance function unlock enterprise value?
  • Is your pre-pandemic strategy missing a step-change in your business?
  • Have your compliance functions kept pace with the revolution in the market?
  • Is your acquisition-target the right target, or is there a less obvious, better choice?
  • Could right now be the exact time to lead a business transformation?

We believe these opportunities, born from transition, require a depth of curiosity and a diversity of perspective and background to bring into focus. If explored and capitalized upon, they can make the difference between success and missed opportunity.


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Acceleration Platform.



Our advisory practice leverages a platform of accelerators that differentiate our work's pace and impact – the DHG Advisory Acceleration Platform. Grounded in our commitment to our clients, these accelerators are applied at scale across industries and around the globe. Their application demonstrates our commitment to fresh technical thinking, the depth of our industry intelligence and a future focus that enables us to see opportunities when others only see challenges. Whether helping to defining competitive advantage, unlocking growth potential, optimizing your operating model or driving complex organization change, these accelerators help enable our clients to seize their opportunities and differentiate their experience with DHG Advisory.

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Effectively navigating transition to opportunity requires deep talent in focused service areas. At DHG Advisory, we have developed strength, scale and perspective in the areas we believe present organizations the greatest opportunity in times of transition. When acted upon, such opportunities have the potential to drive competitive advantage in the near- and long-term.



Our industry clients face dramatic transitions, ranging from ever changing regulatory requirements and complex transactions, to technology transformations and consolidation. Regardless of the transition, the ability to see the opportunities within is enhanced by our depth of talent, perspective and insight within several industries that demand specialization and focus.


Change is the one constant in the financial services industry. Rapidly changing customer behavior, increased regulatory scrutiny and a digital revolution continues to challenge business models for all institutions. Leaders across the industry must grapple with how to respond to these changes effectively in order to maintain profitability and long-term sustainability during these historic transitions. Our DHG Financial Services Advisory professionals bring industry leading perspective, capabilities and services that are focused on finding the opportunities within each of these trends to drive value while also supporting our clients as they manage the risk associated with transformation. Deeply skilled and versed in the business of our large financial services clients, our team supports global institutions on their most high-profile initiatives and the topics that drive the industry agenda.


The healthcare industry is undergoing a radical transition, shifting from a traditional, well-defined fee-for-service economy, to a system where value is defined by outcomes rather than inputs, where new players are emerging, and former competitors align. Most importantly, the healthcare industry has become an economy where purchasers of every size will demand greater efficiency, quality, outcomes, transparency and access. They will demand risk capability.

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