Public Sector & Government

Accounting services to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability

Government agencies are under ever-increasing pressure to operate more efficiently and improve their performance metrics with shrinking budgets, fewer resources and greater risks. Our accounting and consulting professionals can help you optimize service delivery and meet your specialized reporting requirements.  

Our assurance and advisory professionals focus on ways to eliminate waste, reduce risk and add value. We also help you maintain documented compliance to demonstrate the transparency and accountability that taxpayers demand.  

We help you manage and contain costs — including ours  

DHG recognizes its responsibility to demonstrate efficiency, transparency and accountability. Our decades of serving the public sector give us the experience to deliver value with the efficiency that you need and taxpayers demand.  

We work hard to ensure that our Assurance, Tax and Advisory services add up to a cumulative value that exceeds our fees, while anticipating your needs and responding to them in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

Advisory for Government Projects

These services include: 

  • Internal audits, risk assessment and evaluations 
  • Audit, review and compilation of financial statements 
  • Fraud and forensic accounting support 
  • Accounting services and outsourcing services 
  • New cost accounting standards 
  • Accounting software assessments and upgrades 
  • Rate analysis 
  • Financing plans 
  • GASB 45 compliance support 
  • GFOA certification 
  • HUD/VHDA services include internal control testing and audits to monitor allocations and expenditures, support compliance with regulations and provide timely financial information.

Federal and State Grant Compliance

Noncompliance can force counties to repay federal and state monies. DHG accounting professionals give you the comprehensive knowledge of regulations and what compliance requires, with assurance and advisory support.

Municipal Auditing Services

We have extensive experience with accounting and audit services for municipalities, from small towns to major cities. DHG routinely assists municipal governments in the completion of GFOA Certificates of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.Our independent, objective assessments of your operating efficiency and regulatory compliance give you the accurate, timely information you need, for performance evaluations and reports to government officials and taxpayers.

Accounting Services for School Boards

The DHG School Board Services team provides the independent, objective guidance you need for operating efficiency and regulatory compliance. We’re the largest provider of school board services in North Carolina, helping or clients respond to budget cuts and develop innovative, cost-effective service delivery.


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Decades of advisory services and compliance support

We offer more than 80 years of experience in working with public administrators and managers. Our accountants and consultants make it a point to combine specific technical skills with personal attention and clear, straightforward communication. We can help your department or agencies allocate resources more effectively, manage revenues and sustain continuous improvement.

Our history of providing exceptional client service to government entities include working with:

  • Federal government
  • State governments
  • County governments
  • Municipal governments
  • School boards

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