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Helping the Middle Market Expand through Strategic Collaboration

The middle market serves as a prime investment arena for private equity firms. DHG leverages extensive knowledge about and presence within the middle market, providing a resourceful, one-stop solution at any stage of the deal lifecycle for private equity groups, portfolio companies and companies that may be acquired or sold. We integrate our national industry sectors to bring experience, insight and tangible value to the middle market and Private Equity industry as a whole.

With one simple point of contact, you have access to a breadth of services and numerous advantages.

There is no longer a need to segregate the services you require from provider to provider or professional to professional. Our collaborative approach allows us to offer you all of our services in one place. We are here to serve you – whatever your needs. From fund formation to exit strategies and beyond, our audit, tax and advisory services can help:

  • Raise financial information credibility
  • Provide fund management with the ability to measure and analyze your business
  • Manage tax liabilities and identify tax solutions
  • Implement operational improvements
  • Develop performance improvement metrics

Fund Services

DHG’s relationship with private equity firms often starts before a transaction even occurs. We provide audit, tax and advisory services to private equity funds as well as other financial investors, including small business investment companies (“SBIC”), hedge funds and funds of funds. We also provide services for the fund partners, management company and fund management.

Our Private Equity Fund Services include the following:

Transaction Advisory Services

Through collaboration, creativity and keen analytical skills, DHG's dedicated Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) professionals work together to develop a strategy that is customized to meet your needs. We focus on serving corporate strategic buyers, private equity firms and other financial investors for all business transaction needs. Our TAS professionals navigate complicated transactions with a focus on the middle market in a variety of industries. Read More.

Portfolio Company Services

At DHG, we are committed helping private equity firms increase the value of the investment after the completion of a transaction. Our Advisory Services assist private equity firms and their portfolio companies in:

  • Developing operating plans
  • Implementing operational improvements
  • Developing performance improvement metrics

Our Assurance Services can help portfolio companies:

  • Raise the creditability of their financial information 
  • Provide fund management with ability to measure and analyze the business

Finally, through our Tax Services, we help portfolio companies: 

  • Structure operations
  • Manage tax liabilities
  • Provide tax solutions to many challenges that arise in today’s environment

Our team of professionals work to find solutions to meet the needs of the private equity firm and the respective portfolio company.

Exit Strategy Services

Once the decision has been made to exit an investment, DHG is works side by side with private equity firms to help ensure they receive maximum value for the investment. We provide comprehensive post-closing services that enable private equity firms to identify the options and opportunities and understand key risk factors. By planning ahead and utilizing our Exit Strategy Services, our private equity clients have the opportunity to maximize the value of their investments.

Our Exit Strategy Services include the following:


DHG provides resources, insight and value at all transaction points.

Private equity firms demand a high level of service. That’s why DHG’s relationship with private equity clients often begins before the transaction occurs. Additionally, we use a solutions-based and customized approach in our Assurance, Tax and Advisory services to provide you the resources and insight you need at a competitive cost.


Tax Advisory & Compliance

  • Tax Planning and Structuring
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax Structuring



DHG leverages vast experience in serving and working with private equity firms, portfolio companies, small business investment companies (SBICs) and other financial investors – particularly within the middle market. While the challenges may vary, our integrated and collaborative approach remains consistent. Resourcefulness is our game as we tap into our credentials and experience to provide you a comprehensive set of superior services.

  • A Praxity membership provides global resources and interconnectedness
  • We are a Growth Leader Partner with Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Global and local ACG Chapters, Small Business Investors Alliance (SBIA) – giving us a leg up on current trends and issues.
  • Managing Partner, Scott Linch, serves as President of ACG Charlotte
  • Our middle market focus applies to a variety of industries such as Construction, Real Estate, Dealerships, Financial Institutions, Government Contracting, Healthcare, Hospitality & Restaurants, Insurance, Manufacturing & Distribution, Professional Services and Technology & Life Sciences

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