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Private Client Services offers accounting, tax and advisory services customized for the way you earn income.

These services are available on an individual basis, but integrating them gives us a unified, comprehensive understanding of your needs and how they change with time. Combining our tax planning and advisory services helps us to be more proactive — so we can try to anticipate events instead of reacting to them, to mitigate risk, minimize tax exposure and preservation of your wealth.


Tax Planning and Compliance

Wealthy retirees typically enjoy income from multiple sources (deferred compensation, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, annuities, pensions, Social Security benefits, etc.). Contributions to annuities and pensions may have been tax-deferred, which means distributions at this point may be fully taxable. We can recommend tax strategies to help minimize tax liability, maximize the benefit of charitable gifts and transfer more wealth to trusts or family members.

Tax reduction strategies for retirement

You may have substantial investments in enterprises you no longer control, making a proactive stance toward changing legislative, regulatory and market conditions essential to managing future tax liability and risk.  Global investments, partnerships, family ownership, and your estate planning goals add additional variables and complications.

Effective tax planning for wealthy retirees considers all of these issues as part of wealth preservation.  We integrate your estate and individual tax planning, identifying opportunities for tax savings and developing strategies for implementation.

Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Our private client services include wealth management and financial planning with Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dixon Hughes Goodman.

More principled wealth management®

The foundation of any advisor-client relationship must be anchored in an unconditional, unwavering trust. Every aspect of Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors' wealth management process adheres to this principle.

More principled compensation

Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors is a fee-only advisor and the principles behind that form the foundation of their business. They accept no commissions, outside fees or third-party payments, so the decisions they make about your portfolio are made with your best interests in mind.

Their relationship with you is built on trust. They build that trust by offering unbiased, objective investment advice — advice that avoids any appearance of impropriety.

More principled and resourceful investing

The principles of Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory guide the firm's decisions on your behalf. Modern Portfolio Theory has shaped U.S. trust law and is a chosen approach of some of the world's largest endowments, pension funds and foundations.

More principled client service

Your relationship with Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your needs. The firm reviews all aspects of your financial life to ensure that your investment portfolio dovetails with your life's goals and objectives.

  • Fiduciary Standard of Care
  • Fee-only investment advisory services
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Nobel Prize-winning investment methodology
  • Relationships built on trust and service
  • >Institutional investment vehicles unavailable to most retail clients

Estate, Gift and Trust Services

We call on the experience and capabilities of the Firm's Generational Wealth Planning Group, a team of experienced tax, insurance and wealth advisors, to structure estates in ways that reduce significant tax liabilities, minimize expenses and transfer family wealth to the next generation.  We can help plan, design, implement and administer your estate, navigating complex business and individual income tax laws with traditional and non-traditional vehicles.

Minimize cost and tax liabilities

We can recommend various gifting and wealth transfer tools to distribute your assets.  These include wills and beneficiary designations — a vital step to carrying out your wishes, as state law determines asset distribution in the absence of a will.  Our accountants and advisors can work with you and your attorneys to define or revise your goals and name the executor of your estate.

Sharing your estate, gift and trust goals with our tax advisors allows us to recommend strategies to minimize the costs and tax liabilities associated with transfers of substantial wealth.  

  • Planning, design, implementation and administration
  • Uniform trust code compliance
  • Trusts, charitable trusts and foundations
  • Intra-family loans and sales
  • Life insurance planning and placement with Dixon Hughes Goodman Agency LLC

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