Physician Advisors




The healthcare industry is undergoing a radical transition, shifting from a traditional, well-defined fee-for-service economy, to a system where value is defined by outcomes rather than inputs, where new players are emerging and former competitors align. At the center of that transformation is the physician community.

Whatever the solution, any successful path forward will require the physician voice at the table – but not just one. As the complexity of providing care has increased, so too has the specialization and fragmentation of the physician community. For that reason, no one physician can provide the holistic insight required for long-term – but a group will.



The Physician Advisors was designed to tap into the wisdom and insight of a group of physicians that could together provide the holistic perspective of complexity the current environment requires. This council of physicians will work alongside DHG Healthcare professionals to both inform the solutions we bring to market, and when engaged directly assist our clients in navigating the demands of a transforming healthcare industry.



The Physician Advisors are a group of highly accomplished clinicians and healthcare leaders, well-versed in the journey toward risk capability as practicing clinicians. The  Physician Advisors is made up of seven physicians representing primary care, various specialties, and emergency medicine from independent practices, large hospital-based multispecialty practices and chief medical officers. Our Physician Advisors include the following members:

  • Marcus Blackstone, MD 
  • Richard Bock, MD 
  • Norman Chapin, MD, MBA 
  • William Guest, MD
  • Charmaine A. Lewis, MD, MPH 
  • Saria Saccocio, MD
  • Will Silver, MD