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The healthcare industry is undergoing a radical transition, shifting from a traditional, well-defined fee-for-service economy, to a system where value is defined by outcomes rather than inputs, where new players are emerging, and former competitors align. Most importantly, the healthcare industry has become an economy where purchasers of every size will demand greater efficiency, quality, outcomes, transparency and access. They will demand risk capability.

At the highest level, achieving risk capability strikes at the powerful status quo within the U.S. healthcare system. Successfully navigating this shift will require:

  • Adept management of the physician enterprise,
  • Keen insight into an evolving revenue portfolio,
  • Skilled connection of varied payment programs to larger population health challenges,
  • Exceptional management of an increasingly complex reimbursement and regulatory environments, and
  • Sophisticated recognition of and responses to a variety of complex associated business risks.

This is truly the hard work of healthcare transformation. Successfully navigating this shift is challenging and will require courage, confidence and a guide. DHG Healthcare is here to inform, guide and support our clients so their organizations can realize their long-term potential.



Our goal at DHG Healthcare is to be your guide along every step of your organization’s unique journey toward risk capability. For that reason, our services portfolio is designed around the complex business issues our clients face every day, combining distinct approaches, informative analytics, and deep technical competencies that drive value and results.

But solution sets, approaches and playbooks are not enough. Success in the journey toward risk capability requires a guide. At DHG Healthcare, we believe that guide should be:

  • Resourceful - Quick and thoughtful in addressing challenges and defining a clear path to success;
  • Forward Looking - A powerful focus on design and innovation with an ever - progressive mindset;
  • Insightful - Brings deep understanding to form actionable perspectives; and
  • Honest - Free from bias and focused on our clients.

Since its introduction in 2013, we understood the journey toward risk capability would be difficult and require a different approach, one that would always start with conversation infused with the principles listed above. These principles characterize our 'how' and make DHG Healthcare a truly distinctive partner.



With over 300 dedicated industry professionals, DHG Healthcare works with clients to accelerate their journey to risk capability in the audit, tax, and consulting domains. Whether through a multi-disciplinary solution set directed toward a transformational issue or a targeted offering focused on a critical need of an organization, DHG Healthcare works collaboratively with our clients to meaningfully contribute to their long-term success.

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Within the independent financial statement audit, we believe that audit risk is inextricably connected to business risk. DHG Healthcare audit is deeply committed to converging our deep industry knowledge with an understanding of your unique business risks. Powered by proprietary tools, analytic engines, technical expertise and a multidisciplinary team of auditors and business advisors, our distinctive approach to healthcare audit is purposefully designed to deliver an experience that is both seamless and valuable to the organization.

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The DHG Healthcare audit approach is a risk-based, continuous process with significant partner involvement throughout the year. As our industry transforms, our clients benefit from the technical acumen and transformational industry understanding of our audit teams. This skill and insight, coupled with the resources of the DHG Healthcare industry practice, enables DHG to provide assurance services that support our clients in the present, and in their journey toward risk capability.

Services provided by our DHG Healthcare audit team includes:

  • Independent Financial Statement Audit
  • Attest Services
    • Compliance and Regulatory Audits
    • Agreed-Upon Procedures for Debt Offerings and Special Procedures
    • Internal Control


DHG Healthcare Tax delivers targeted offerings in the tax compliance, private client and advisory domains, while also meaningfully contributing to our solutions set aimed at the physician enterprise. These services, enriched by a deep knowledge of the on-going transformational shift in healthcare, are designed to provide our clients with the creative insights, tangible solutions and peace of mind the tax journey to risk capability requires.

Our DHG Healthcare tax team provides compliance and consulting services to physician enterprises, nonprofit hospitals, and long-term care organizations, some of which include:

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Physician Services
  • Tax Consulting and Compliance
  • Budget Preparation and Cash Flow Analysis
  • General Financial Management Support
  • Compensation Analysis
Not-for-Profit Hospitals
  • Compliance (990, 990T, etc.)
  • SALT and Tax Reform Assessments
  • Resident Medical Deduction Calculation
  • Tax-Exempt Risk Assessment
Long-Term Care
  • Tax Consulting and Compliance
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • HUD Loan Consulting
  • Estate and Succession/Exit Planning


DHG Healthcare Consulting provides only those services that we believe are critical to an organization’s journey toward risk capability via broad solution sets that fall within two major categories.

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