Credit Risk Management

building higher value
The loan portfolio is a financial institution’s strongest asset & greatest risk

DHG Credit Risk Management assists clients with understanding and managing credit risk in the loan portfolio.

Our end-of-day goals are to:

  • Help management teams validate understanding of credit risk for their own and targeted financial institutions
  • Support the success of mergers, acquisitions, capital pursuits and loan pool purchases for our clients, including banks and credit unions, Agricultural Credit Associations, investment bankers and private equity groups

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Loan Review

Loan review should be more than recommending risk grade changes - it should add value. Our professionals assess your data to identify key risk pockets and pinpoint optimal loan samples in order to provide valuable feedback on risks in your loan portfolio.

Our loan reviews are more than a regulatory check-the-box exercise. We create value through deeper insight into potential risks, which results in outcome-focused management, enhanced risk mitigation and smart capital planning.

Due Diligence Loan Review

All transactions carry risk, and DHG Credit Risk Management focuses on revealing the exposures and liabilities of prospective deals. Our loan reviewers focus on impaired loans, larger loans, loans with unique features, and lending philosophies that need to be well understood in order to determine the expected credit loss estimate. The DHG Credit Risk Management team offers a one-stop-shop to identify efficiencies across Day 1 valuation, accounting and loan file review. Clients can then focus on risk management and post-deal integration, rather than vendor management.

Other Services

  • Credit loss estimate due diligence
  • Fully integrated M&A due diligence and valuation services
  • Credit process evaluations
  • Internal assessments to support capital raising
  • External assessments for private equity groups, prior to capital investment
  • Migration analysis for risk rating and loans with probability of default (PD) or loss given default (LGD)

Let DHG Credit Risk Management help you get the most out of your next due diligence assessment.