Financial Services

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Focused on your business goals

As financial services companies seek opportunities for growth, innovation and revenue, they must face risk, comply with regulations and vie for new customers in an evolving marketplace.

DHG’s financial services professionals are focused on your business goals, providing services to help you:

  • Comply with the latest accounting and reporting requirements
  • Stay ahead of emerging regulatory requirements
  • Evaluate current and future business risks
  • Providing technology solutions which enhance your business
  • Create and successfully drive change 


From global and national companies to regional and community-based entities, DHG proudly provides relevant services to clients across the spectrum in the financial services industry.


Business, Finance and Process Transformation – DHG's professionals work with companies to successfully create and drive change. Our comprehensive approach to project definition, resourcing, communication and support requires that we engage the right resources to accomplish strategic initiatives. Our team supports client end-to-end M&A activities including tax, due diligence, credit mark, technology, and post-merger integration.

Internal Audit and Compliance - DHG's Internal Audit and Compliance teams, dedicated to assisting clients better manage their risks, are focused on assessing, designing, and developing risk management programs and evaluating internal control processes. Our team offers industry-based and risk-focused insight, facilitation of secure internal controls, assistance in regulatory compliance and increased internal performance and effectiveness.

Technology Services - DHG provides technology services designed to assist a company's team in advancing strategic initiatives. We assist clients in assessing IT risks, systems and operations, and regulation and compliance requirements.

Regulatory Services and Risk Management - DHG manages and implements change driven by new regulations and strategic risk management objectives. Our compliance services help support appropriate response to matters of non-compliance and integration into existing risk management frameworks.


External Audit
Our assurance teams are dedicated to your industry and are adept at transitioning clients from other firms then providing hands-on service from experienced team members.

Employee Benefit Plans
Our professionals who work with benefit plans are well-versed in both the compliance and financial reporting areas.

SOC 1 and 2 Services
We provide Service Organization Control (SOC) reports for wealth management and trust divisions of banks as well as for standalone entities.


DHG has the experience you need to minimize tax exposure, avoid non-compliance penalties and outsource the tax function. We streamline tax compliance with the same cost-effective, resourceful mindset we bring to every service by integrating tax planning with your total financial plan.

Our tax services reflect a commitment to building a long-term relationship and providing strategic support for your company's growth.


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