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DHG recognizes the critical need for entities within the energy industry to have a team of advisors with a thorough understanding of the industry, its challenges, its trends and also its opportunities. Our Energy service professionals are fluent in the languages of new energy and traditional energy, from coal and natural gas to biodiesel and wind energy. Thus, we have a firm grip on the issues you may face, including:

  • Demand for secure energy sources
  • Volatile prices
  • Political spotlight
  • Economic pressure
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Ratemaking complexities
  •  Risk management
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Shareholder and ratepayer demands

DHG’s energy professionals have the experience and industry understanding to help. We’ve spent almost 30 years working with energy companies, providing critical strategic and operational guidance in the following:

  • Tax planning and capital investments to support risk mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance and financial reporting requirements
  • Continuous improvement to protect margins

Adapting to increased regulatory requirements, industry consolidation and market fluctuation requires agility and innovative thinking. We draw on experience and specific skills to customize our services for your company.

Trusted Advisors to the Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable energy projects can be very complicated and often require many parties coming together to achieve the ultimate goal of completing a sustainable energy project. Our professional team understands that process and will help achieve your goals by working with you every step of the way.

DHG’s Tax Credit Advisory Group is committed to providing clients with a team of assurance and tax professionals dedicated to serving as successful tax credit advisors. We pride ourselves on knowing the renewable energy tax credit industry, navigating complex transactions that are often needed to get a project completed, and networking with other professionals to make sure we stay abreast of hot topics and industry trends. DHG is proud to be a trusted advisor to many clients within the renewable energy industry.

Our service offerings to renewable energy clients include:

  • Audit and tax services
  • Cost certifications
  • Transaction structuring
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Specialized agreed-upon procedures reports
  • Analysis of Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Relationship facilitation for developers, investors and legal counsel

If you answer to a board, shareholders or regulators, DHG can help ensure compliance and build confidence in your firm. If your company is family-owned or privately held, we can work with you on ownership and management issues, as well as with strategic planning to maximize exit values.


DHG Energy offers assurance, tax and advisory services to support your company’s strategic planning, operational improvement and regulatory compliance.





DHG Energy professionals work with a spectrum of fossil and renewable energy companies, providing assurance, tax and advisory services to public utilities, joint interest investors, owner-operators and family businesses.

We have the experience you need with operating agreements and ownership structures, going beyond tax and audit with substantial strategic engagements. We assist in the development of significant financial statement estimates for valuation of reserves and asset retirements and work with public and privately held entities to mitigate risk, maintain regulatory compliance and protect shareholder value.

DHG maintains longstanding relationships with coal, oil and gas producers, including the top names in regional energy markets. We are a member of the West Virginia Coal Association and actively participate in the energy community, serving clients ranging in size from local businesses to publicly-traded companies located throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and beyond.

Types of clients we work with include:

Extraction & Production

  • Oil & Gas Drilling and Operations
  • Coal Bed Methane Extraction
  • Coal Mining
  • Coal Processing

Transportation & Distribution

  • Power Transmission
  • Natural Gas Transport
  • Pipeline Operations
  • Terminal Services

Power Generation & Utilities

  • Coal, Gas and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric, Geothermal and Biomass Power Plants
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Solar Farms
  • Wind Turbine Fleets
  • Public Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • Co-ops

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