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Our goal is to help dealers effectively grow in tandem with the constantly evolving industry.

DHG Dealerships works together with clients to help drive profitability, avoid risk, increase efficiencies and enhance productivity.

Our dealership clients include:

  • Large private and public groups
  • Mega-dealers
  • Multi-store groups
  • Single-point dealerships
  • Dealerships in the automotive, heavy truck, equipment, marine and motorsports niches
  • Dealers looking to consolidate or acquire
  • Dealers considering going public
  • Private equity and family office (PEFO) investors


Understanding current relevant and upcoming industry trends is a critical component to providing superior client service. Based on our hands-on experience and what we have seen in the space, we address the following hot issues that greatly impact dealers nationwide:


People & Talent Acquisition

As dealerships have one of the highest turnover rates of any industry, the need to strategically recruit and retain top talent is paramount. Seeking out and hiring the most fitting and suitable candidates for your dealership directly impacts how successfully your dealership runs, as you need successful and talented professionals to help you run it. By way of a fine-tuned, strategic recruiting process, DHG Dealerships teams up with DHG Search to help clients identify and place top tier executive talent in their organizations.

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We view performance as a multi-faceted component of successfully operating dealerships. From profitability to productivity to benchmarking and beyond, dealers constantly seek enhanced performance. DHG Dealerships helps clients identify areas of improvement, implement action items to better develop those areas and ultimately reach optimal performance.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

As transaction activity continues to have strong momentum, the dealership industry remains ripe for consolidation. In the event that you plan to acquire or sell, DHG Dealerships is by your side throughout the entire transaction lifecycle. Additionally, we work closely with dealers and PEFO investors to navigate the persistent interest in automotive retail acquisition.

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Risk & Regulatory

Dealers face a wealth of risks – both internally and externally. On the internal front, threats such as occupational fraud become very real if the dealership’s internal controls are not sound. On the other hand, external threats such as cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent as weaknesses in operating systems and networks are penetrated by hackers. DHG Dealerships can help you identify and assess internal and external risks so that you may implement stronger controls.

Furthermore, dealers operate in a heavily regulated industry. Compliance with the various national, state and local regulatory bodies becomes critical to avoid the potentially costly penalties and unforeseen consequences that may arise. DHG Dealerships is an advisor you can trust to help you achieve and maintain compliance so you can focus on running your business smoothly and successfully.

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Succession Planning

As a dealer, retirement is an inevitable part of your future. Whether your timeline is nearby or many years from the present, it is imperative to assess what you have done to prepare for your future and the future of your dealership. With more exit strategy options than ever, DHG Dealerships is here to assist you down the succession path that’s right for you and can help ensure ongoing business success past your ownership.

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Facilities & Factory Matters

Items such as facility upgrades are often a common source of headache for dealers. DHG Dealerships is proficient in helping dealers navigate the cumbersome terrain associated with such factory-related matters. We seek to help dealers identify opportunity and mitigate the liabilities associated with factory image upgrade payments and the dollars expended to qualify for them.

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Contributing to our reputation as a superior service provider are the internal differentiators within our team:
  • Our professionals are fiercely committed to the industry and have an unmatched passion for it - many have worked inside of and for dealerships prior to DHG.
  • Camaraderie is a cornerstone to the way we work – our professionals genuinely enjoy working with one another, which is often one of the first qualities our clients notice. Our team consistently ranks above industry average in engagement, qualifying our group’s happiness in going above and beyond expectations.
  • We back up our commitment to timeliness through our “5 Days and a Smile” initiative, whereby we strive to enthusiastically complete our client work prior to the agreed-upon deadline.


Tax & Assurance
Growth & Acquisition
  • Data Room Preparation
  • Pre- and Post-Closing Financial Statements
  • Purchase Price Adjustment Assistance
  • Private Equity/Family Office Consulting
Additional Dealership Services
  • Benchmarking & Budgeting
  • Facility Improvement Implications
  • Succession Planning
  • Dealership Executive Recruiting
  • Fraud & Forensics
  • Centralized Accounting
  • Internal Controls
  • Internal Audit Outsourcing
  • Litigation Support
  • Risk Assessments


Industry Involvement

Our active participation with key industry organizations and associations at the state and national level lends to the experience and resources we provide our clients. Organizations and associations with whom we are involved include (but are not limited to):

Presentation Experience

Our industry focused subject matter knowledge and rich experience positions us well to present on hot dealership trends and issues. Below is a small sample of our recent presentations:


  • NADA 2018 – Hot Tax Topics Workshop presented by Jon Gee
  • NADC – Robert Davis and Buddy Dearman participated in a Tax Reform Panel Discussion
  • Heavy Truck 20 Group – Adam Lawyer and David Wilkinson presented to a Kenworth 20 Group on industry trends
  • NCADA Controller Conference – Tax Reform presented by Jason Wilkinson
  • VADA CFO/Controller Conference – Dealerships Buy/Sell presented by Louie Galbraith; Fraud and Internal Controls presented by Kirk Kincer and Louie Galbraith
  • Agent Summit – Robert Davis co-presented with Ryan Hanlon from Portfolio Co. on Taxation and Reinsurance
  • NAMAD Annual Membership Meeting – Tax Reform presented by Jason Wilkinson and Brandon Brake
  • West Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers – Fraud and Internal Controls presented by Thomas England

  • BVR Webinar on Valuation Tips and Insights – Tim York and Adam Lawyer presented a valuation webinar for BVR on August 31st.
  • Quarterly Webinar Series – Megan Miller and Louie Galbraith presented a webinar on Fraud and Internal Controls on Oct 31.
  • AICPA 2017
    • Jonathan Wilke presented at a Buy/Sell Workshop with industry friends.
    • Suzanne Malo presented - Recruit and Retain Top Talent in a Multi-generational Workforce.
    • Tim York was the chair of the conference for the 3rd year in a row.

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