balancing growth, efficiency and risk
The challenges, trends and opportunities you face reflect the unique industry in which you operate. 

DHG understands your industry. Rather than implementing a one-size-fits-all service approach, we leverage our intimate knowledge of the agribusiness industry to tailor our services to your needs. As an agribusiness entity, you may face the following issues: 

  • Uneven cash flow
  • Volatile market activity
  • Estate planning in a family oriented industry
  • Environmental concerns 
Our resourceful team of agribusiness professionals can help you identify solutions, trends and opportunities.

In alignment with industry challenges are the inherent trends and opportunities that accompany today’s rapidly evolving business arena. As you seek to conduct effective business from both an operational and cost perspective, DHG works by your side to help you meet your goals. We can assist you in: 

  • Efficient tax planning, including the identification of credits and deductions
  • State & local tax compliance
  • Technological advancements to support your operations
  • Proper sales records and profit reports
  • Risk management
  • Mergers & acquisitions 
  • Effective inventory planning


Our Assurance, Tax and Advisory services are all-encompassing.

To help you avoid the burden of handling several points of contact for several different service providers, DHG is a one-stop shop. With deep industry experience, subject matter insight and service line professionals, our collaborative team offers both agribusiness-specific and overall accounting services to meet your needs.



  • Capital Investment Tax Planning
  • Export Tax Incentives
  • Estate Planning
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits
  • LIFO Inventory Planning
  • State & Local Tax



The ideal combination of deep audit, tax and advisory services, backed by a hands-on approach to serving the agribusiness industry.

DHG leverages more than 60 years of experience serving the agribusiness industry, offering our clients the ability to support the full lifecycle of their business through comprehensive Assurance, Tax and Advisory services. Our experience providing superior service to organizations within the agribusiness industry includes working with a wide variety of clients, such as:

  • Cotton ginners
  • Farm equipment manufacturers
  • Food processing equipment manufacturers
  • Food processors including grain processors, vegetable and fruit processors, protein processors and nut shellers and processors
  • Large growers
  • Purchasing and marketing co-ops
  • Wholesale food distributors

Additionally, DHG actively participates in and works with the following agribusiness associations:

  • Palmetto Agribusiness Council
  • South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention Big Farm Show
  • South Carolina Agribusiness Exposition
  • California Almond Board
  • Almond Hullers and Processors Association
  • Peanut and Tree Nut Processors Association

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