DHG Healthcare works with organizations as they prepare to accept greater risk for payment of services and demonstrated ability to deliver value. As these organizations approach this tipping point, transitioning from volume to value, a variety of strategic, operational and economic imperatives will surface. 

To address these imperatives, successful organizations will need to:

  • Find Capacity
  • Drive Speed From Vision to Execution
  • Maintain Alignment to Ensure Realization

But without, intervention or the application of something different, most organizations will approach these imperatives as they have in the past. Subjecting their execution to the tyranny of the urgent. In the midst of this transformation period, these historic approaches will not drive the speed or precision organizations require. 

They will result in:


To appropriately approach these imperatives, organization require a new skill – Transformational Agility.
This new found skill will put organizations on the offensive and provide the ability to shape the future.

As the pace, volume and intensity of change increases, it is imperative that an organization continually sharpens and maintains its strategic perspective, concludes decisively, and executes efficiency.
Transformational agility puts an organization on the offensive and provides the ability to directly shape the desired future state and take on the role of the disruptor.
Research and intuition prove these dramatic changes are happening more and more frequently. For long-term sustainability, personal, team and organizational agility is required.

The Innovation Acceleration Experience (IAE) is a key tool in driving the transformational agility that will be required within a risk capable environment.


The purpose of an IAE is to:

  • Stimulate the creative thinking that will generate the innovative sparks…
  • Required by any organization embroiled in the transformative change… 
  • That is being driven by the profound movement toward the quality and value required for financial sustainability

The experience of an IAE by the numbers:

Comprised of four modes

Requires about thirty working hours

Supported by six professionals

DHG Healthcare’s innovation acceleration methodology is built on the foundation of proven change leadership principles and Mezirow’s Theory of Transformational Learning. Within an IAE we will utilize rigorous assessment tools, proprietary techniques, and advance facilitation techniques to drive the creative spark require for any innovation.

Each mode within our methodology is designed to accomplish specific objectives and produce defined deliverables. The collective impact of the modes will allow stakeholders to build consensus on a new future state and clear path to its realization.

Understanding the Foundation for Change

The purpose of the Initiate Mode is to spark a participant’s Accelerated Innovation Journey. Initiate is comprised of 3 stages.

Addressing the organizational and team transformational readiness
Confirming current state and latest thinking
Confirming purpose for action and committing to design

Envisioning without Limits

The focus of the Blue Sky mode is to envision and design the future state without the confines of present “realities.” Speaking to the importance of defining the “There,” this mode utilizes our Blue Sky Visioning approach to establish an initial view of the possible and concludes with a definition of the guiding principles that light the way. This mode is comprised of 3 stages.

Interactive stage designed to pullout key points in a playful and safe environment
The hard work of letting go of today, and focusing on the limitless possibilities and imperatives of the future
Establishing guiding principles that empower future state and commitment to the vision

Understanding and Managing the Forces at Work

The objective of the Activate mode is to surface and understand the forces that will challenge a transformational change. The forces at work on both the organization as a whole and its individuals. This mode is comprised of 3 stages.

Exploring the individual skills required to lead with Transformational Agility

Examine the internal and external factors that will challenge the future strategy
Defining the actions required to mitigate the individual and organizational forces at work

Moving from Concept to Realization

The purpose of this final mode is to develop the plan for continued solution development, eventual deployment, and benefit realization. Quite simply, developing the first version of both the steps and the language that will be utilized on the journey from current to future state. This mode incorporates 3 stages.

Determining the strategy, tactics, and execution accountability required for success
Defining the measures that support purpose and empower vision
Defining a narrative that conveys the vision and responds to the forces that will challenge the effort and sustain commitment

Each mode of an Innovation Acceleration Experience (IAE) concludes with an artifact that captures the key findings and principles from the completed mode. Described at a high level below, these artifacts set the foundation for an organization’s realization of the desired future state.

Opportunity Statement

Craft an opportunity statement based on key findings, critical success factors, key considerations and future state vision

Vision Flight Plan

Future state elements are defined in alignment with a well-defined vision statement that sets the tone and course direction for the organization’s transformational IAE journey.

Force Field

Pressure tested validation plan that maps out the potential internal and external barriers and corresponding solutions to mitigate the individual and organizational forces at work.

Acceleration Blueprint

Detailed strategic, tactical and transformational plan is developed with key milestones, accountability and key dependencies. The Acceleration Blueprint addresses the communications strategies in alignment with a defined operational plan to support the implementation and creation of the value proposition.
The IAE environment creates a unique learning experience. Purposefully staged outside of a traditional business setting, the IAE environment is designed to challenge the status quo enabling organizations to innovate differently, embrace new realities and realize their strategic vision.


Executives are led by experienced professionals trained in the IAE methodology to ensure the right pace of learning is achieved. Individual roles are established to inspire and recognize emerging discoveries while setting clear expectations throughout the IAE journey.

Knowledge Catalyst

Ensures the pace of learning and discovery is on track with expectations established at the onset of the IAE experience

Discovery Facilitator

Facilitates and sparks the discovery of new ideas, game-changing strategies and innovative solutions leading participants throughout the journey from the current to desired state

Innovation Storytellers

Visually translates concepts, materials, interactive sessions and applied learnings

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