Identify Your Greatest Untapped Opportunities to Control the Rising Cost of Healthcare in Just Three Weeks - Feb 24

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Employee health insurance is a vital piece of an organization's benefit structure, demonstrating a commitment to the company's values, mission, and the wellbeing of its people. A solid benefit package that includes employer-subsidized insurance is critical to attracting and maintaining top talent in an increasingly employee-friendly job market. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 56% of U.S. adults with employer-sponsored health benefits said that whether or not they like their health coverage is a key factor in deciding to stay at their current job, and 46% said health insurance was either the deciding factor or a positive influence in choosing their current job. Yet, the rising cost of healthcare is eroding margins and forcing many organizations to make trade-offs between their people and their future growth potential.

The sudden and wide-ranging market changes seen in response to this global health pandemic are creating uncertainty for an organization's current and future economic position – including future healthcare costs. Together, we will explore an accelerated, diagnostic approach to identify your greatest untapped opportunities to control your health spend, increase employee health plan engagement, and improve your workforce's health.

Topics Covered
  • Learn how to evaluate your health plan to identify your greatest untapped opportunities and risks to control health spend and improve your workforce health
  • Understand how the dimensions of your organizational culture impact employee engagement and behaviors related to wellness, wellbeing, and utilization of ancillary benefits
  • Learn about ways to modernize your health plan design to reduce costs, improve engagement and individualize benefits for your sickest members
  • Gain insight on keys to success, challenges and lessons learned along the way