Fighting Burnout: Mindset, Data and Prescription

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While the topic of burnout was historically reserved for select industries, COVID-19 has brought burnout to every corner of our economy. Nationwide, leaders and managers are struggling to understand the extent of the burnout challenge in their organization and what, if anything, they can do to turn the tide of burnout. The good news – they have more power than they might think. Join our webinar to learn how leaders and managers can take steps to fight burnout.

At DHG, we recognize how profoundly COVID-19 has challenged leaders and managers – no topic more uniquely than employee burnout. Attending to this topic has stretched them and left many searching for concrete answers. This webinar will focus on:

  • Defining the impact of COVID-19 on burnout,
  • Unpacking the dimensions of the new definition of burnout,
  • Exploring the difference between burnout and low engagement, and the
  • Tangible steps leaders and managers can take to fight the challenge of burnout.

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