Emerge Stronger - Part 11: Navigating the Challenging Insurance Marketplace in the Post-COVID Environment​

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During this hour, the team from Palmer and Cay will provide dealers/owners the following:

  • Market Review and forecast on the dealer specific commercial insurance marketplace.
  • What to expect on pricing, limits, terms & conditions of coverage for General Liability, Auto Liability (GKLL), Property, Open Lot, Workers' Compensation and Executive Risk (D&O/Dealer E&O/Fiduciary/Fidelty/Cyber) coverage lines.
  • Best practices for preparing for your upcoming program renewal
  • Alternatives to the commercial insurance marketplace.
About the Emerge Stronger Webinar Series

The everchanging landscape during this worldwide pandemic is unlike any challenge dealers have faced before, and leaders in the retail automotive industry are finding innovative and data-driven ways to move forward. Many automotive professionals have developed new strategies and best practices for successfully navigating this dynamic environment, and we want to share these insights with you.

Join DHG Dealerships, Haig Partners, and NCM Associates for our weekly webinar series, Emerge Stronger. Our goal is to provide our dealer partners with new data, fresh ideas, and information about how dealers can survive the current environment and emerge stronger.

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