BPCI-A Model Year 4 program Webinar

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Recently, CMS notified BPCI-Advanced Participants of policy and methodology updates for the upcoming Model Year 4, starting on January 1, 2021. With updated baseline and target price data scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks, it is vital for BPCI-Advanced Participants to fully understand the ramifications of these changes and how they weigh on the imminent decision to be made by December 10th. This webinar will walk Participants through all updated changes while allowing for ample time for questions to be answered. DHG Healthcare is offering 2 separate presentation times to accomodate for Affinity Members' schedules as well as provide a second opportunity to answer questions.

  • Craig Tolbert, Principal
  • Michael Wolford, Partner
  • Walter Coleman, Senior Manager
  • Stephen Kitterman, Senior Manager

We are offering this webinar on multiple days, for the October 15th session click here.