REA or a Claim?! - Which Path Do You Choose?

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Event Overview

When you think you are entitled to a contract price adjustment, you have several paths that you can take - which way should you go? This is not always an easy question to answer and is based on many facts such as the history of the dispute, the nature of the client relationship and the facts and circumstances of the dispute.

Please join Bill Walter and his guest, Aron Beezley of Bradley, as they discuss the elements of a request for equitable adjustment ("REA") and claims and what you should consider as you move forward on the path to resolution. Specifically, the panel will discuss:

  • The differences between an REA and a Claim
  • The two key elements - entitlement and quantum
  • Analysis of contract clauses providing for equitable adjustment
  • The REA process and the Claim Process


Bill Walter, Dixon Hughes Goodman

Aron Beezley, Bradley

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