DHG Dealerships Quarterly Webinar Series: Cyber Attacks – Silent But Deadly

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Event Overview

Cyber attacks are a very real threat among the dealership industry today with the potential to cause significant damage if not handled correctly. Now more than ever, implementing proper cybersecurity measures is a critical component to the protection of any dealership’s valuable data. Subject matter experts, Lori Haley and Tom Tollerton, will team up to deliver an insightful webinar covering:

  • Dealerships’ susceptibility – why the dealership architecture is attractive to hackers
  • Methods of cyber attack to be aware of, including social engineering tactics
  • Identifiers to help you assess, at a basic level, the risk of your dealerships
  • Scenarios of cyber attack that widely apply to most dealerships
  • Steps toward mitigating exposure to cyber threats and improving overall security


  • Lori Haley, Partner, DHG Dealerships 
  • Tom Tollerton, Manager, DHG IT Advisory

CPE - 1 hour (pending approval)