What You Should Gain by the End of Your DHG Internship

2016 Spring People Camp 218When walking into the DHG office on the first day of an accounting internship, certainly there are a few questions floating around in your head.  First and foremost, that is completely normal! I imagine that curiosity would have been much more intense if I hadn't had People Camp at the start of my internship to bridge the gap. Out of all the questions I had on my first day, and throughout the first few weeks, there is one that stood out the most.  I was most curious about what to expect during my internship and the knowledge I should expect to learn by the end of the internship. In hindsight, knowing the answer to that question would have brought much comfort.

As an intern, besides giving everything your 100% effort and having all angles of proper business etiquette covered, your main goal should be to learn as much as possible.  Ask questions when you do not understand something, you are surrounded by professionals who are there to help.  Keep in mind, everyone learns at different speeds and even in different ways, so judging your progress is not as simple as comparing yourself to other interns.  Judging your progress has to do with where you started, where you end up and the knowledge you pick up along the way to carry with you throughout your accounting career. So, what can you expect to gain by the end of your DHG internship?

Gain a basic understanding of what it's like to be an accountant: Know the process of a typical tax return or audit procedure from beginning to end and also why it is done the way it is done. More often than not, there are multiple ways to do the same thing.  It is important to know how we do what we do and why we do it that way.

Get to a point where you can perform: Strive to get to a point where you can take what is assigned to you, complete it, and send it on to review without having to ask too many questions (this may take a while, possibly towards middle or later half of your internship).  If and when you get review notes, take them seriously. Complete them and learn from them. Remember, your assignment is not finished until review notes are completed.

Understand your balance: A“real job” is likely something very new, and it takes some getting used to in terms of your career/life integration. By the end of your internship, you should learn what your balance is and what is necessary for you to be happy and productive both in the office and away from work.

Jake Pillow is a second year tax intern in DHG’s Richmond office. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors of Accounting degree in 2015.  He was born and raised in the Richmond area and he loves weight lifting, mountain biking, and racing dirt bikes (state championships!).

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