Transcript: CEO Matt Snow's Town Hall Video Message

As a way to celebrate achievements on a firm-wide and market-level, provide strategic updates for the new fiscal year and to continue our conversation around DHG’s mission, strategy and values, Town Hall meetings take place twice a year in each of our DHG market locations. The recent summer Town Hall meetings, focused on leadership, featured a video address from CEO Matt Snow. A transcript of the video is included below.

CEO Matt Snow’s Summer Town Hall Meeting Video Transcript:

Welcome to the DHG Summertime Town Hall meetings. It is a tradition at our firm that we begin every meeting by revisiting the mission of our firm. “We exist to build valuable careers with our people and to help our clients achieve their goals.” This mission is at the very heart of everything that we do at DHG and it’s so important that we’ve even begun painting it on the walls of many of our offices to remind our people every day of why it is that we exist.

Before we begin looking back at fiscal ’16 and looking ahead at fiscal ’17, I’d like to start by welcoming to DHG those new members of our team from Baltimore. Our Stegman team members join us effective this month and I’m excited about having them in the marketplace so that together we can make DHG Baltimore one of our strongest markets.

One of our proudest accomplishments in fiscal 16 was the roll out of our People strategy, Life Beyond Numbers, focusing on people, careers, and flexibility. In pursuing this strategy, we started RAVE, which is a reward and recognition program for our people where they can both give and benefit from recognition from their fellow team members. We also implemented BOOST, which is an incentive program for certain professionals.

We also focused on our inclusion and diversity strategy, and in case you haven’t heard, later this summer at their national conference, NABA will award DHG its Corporate Diversity Award on a national basis. Something for which we should all be very proud.

Lastly, we implemented DHG Gives, a website that allows all of us to track not only the time in which we volunteer in the community, but also to track the donations that we make to various causes during the year. For example, this past year as a firm, we supported the Charleston AME Emanuel Episcopal Church, after the tragic shooting at that site. We also were very supportive of the flood victims in South Carolina

I am proud of all that we have accomplished together as a firm in our People strategy and I know that you are too.

In pursuing our Growth and Service strategies in the last year, I’m pleased to report, we have turned out double digit growth in every region of the firm, which is incredible. Much of that is due to adding new clients and new services throughout our firm. All of you have played a part in that, not only by contributing knowledge share pieces and participating in knowledge share events, but also by providing superior client service to your clients every single day. We have a lot to be proud of in our Growth and Service strategies.

In carrying out the Performance element of our strategy, we focus on being a high performing firm in everything that we do, and I’m pleased to say that in our People strategy, we performed at a very high level. For example, Vault ranked us in the top 10 firms in the country, and all of that was based on feedback that you gave to Vault, which makes me very proud.

Our engagement surveys this year, which are surveys of our employees and our partners, all had increased and improving results in a number of different areas. For example, over 90% of you said that you are proud to work at DHG and that you believe DHG has a very bright future. Last of all, when we look at our financial performance, one of the many measures we look at is our growth and our overall revenues.

As we look ahead into fiscal 17, I want to share with you several things that you can come to expect in both our People and our Client strategies. First of all, in our People strategy, we’re going to become focused on qualifying DHG as A Great Place to Work. We’re doing this because it’s an excellent program to instill the discipline in our firm that we need in order to continue to pursue our People strategy. The external validation will be great but the process of getting there is only going to make us stronger.

Second, in our People strategy, we will be rolling out DHG Energy for Life. In the past year, several of us have participated in the Corporate Athlete Program, which is offered by Johnson & Johnson at the Human Performance Institute. We had a great experience, and for me personally, it was transformational. It helped me focus on what is important in not only my career but in my broader life: it also helped me learn what it took to better manage my energy with my nutrition, my own personal health and  my exercise so that I could be better in my career and also better in my broader Life Beyond Numbers.

We want to bring the Corporate Athlete Program into DHG, and we have done that. Over the last several months, we have piloted this program with a number of people, and the program has been tailored for DHG specifically. We’re going to be taking this into our markets and I think all of you are going to find that it’s going to give you many of the tools that you’re going to need to continue to build a valuable career at DHG while balancing it with the rest of your Life Beyond Numbers.

Last of all, in our Client strategy, you’ll recall that in fiscal ’16, we set out to define for ourselves what the DHG client service experience looks like. During the past several months, we have done that. A project team at DHG has been working very hard to define the DHG client service experience. During the coming year, we’re going to be rolling this out to all of our team members so that everyone can know exactly how we define DHG client service, and what we are doing to measure this. I have you to thank for that. We saw in our engagement survey scores this year that many of you actually pointed out to us that an area where we could improve was asking our clients how we could do our work better. So thank you for that, and I think you’re going to enjoy working on this together as teams in fiscal ’17.

So in closing, as we look back on fiscal ’16, we have much to be thankful for. We’ve had great performance in all the elements of our strategy, and as we look ahead in fiscal ’17, we have a lot of exciting things on our plate to accomplish together. I look forward to working on all of this with you and I also look forward to seeing all of you in our marketplace in the next year.

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