My Top Takeaways from DHG’s Celebration of Inclusion and Diversity

Alice Grey Harrison photoI have had the pleasure of talking with a diverse group of people over the past two months as we celebrated Black History Month and Women’s History Month. There were so many terrific blog posts and podcast conversations. Here are five of the key takeaways for me:

1. Be true to yourself

I love this advice. In today’s world it is nearly impossible to separate home and work and really it just takes too much energy to try to be someone you are not. Lori Haley, Birmingham Managing Partner, took over our CEO Blog and shared with us the vulnerabilities she felt as she navigated her career moving in and out of and back into public accounting as well as physically moving around the country with her husband’s job. She shares, “Laugh a lot and remember to be authentic and confident. Women don’t need to act like men in the workforce. We need women who are true to themselves.” Click here to read what Lori had to say about her colorful career in accounting.

2.  Take advantage of opportunities

Jina Ettien, CEO of NABA, shared this great advice: “Success is the connection between luck and preparedness.” Such great wisdom. We often feel scared or intimidated to try new things. In life and in your career, the only way to advance is to stretch your skill set and be ready to try something new. In her words, “just be ready, because you don’t know when you’re going to be tapped, but when you’re tapped, you need to be ready.” Click here to listen to the full podcast.

3.  You’re never fully dressed without a smile

So maybe I have watched Annie far too many times with my two-year-old, but what Keon Stevenson shared regarding a positive outlook and a smile really struck a chord for me. I think that a positive attitude can move mountains. Keon shared many other great pieces of advice. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to his podcast- check it out. He is inspiring in so many ways. Click here to listen.

4.  Recognize potential bias

This highlight comes from our post on 10 Tips for Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment. This is one of my favorite tips…much of the bias we have is unconscious and often times unintentional. Being able to recognize bias truly helps build an inclusive environment. By making people aware of what unconscious bias is and how to avoid it, we can create a work culture that celebrates differences and includes everyone. Want to learn about other great tips? Click here to read more.

Alice Grey Harrison, APR is the Director of Corporate Communications. As such she oversees DHG’s internal and external communications. When she’s not working or having tea parties with her two-year-old, she enjoys running, boating, travel and yoga.

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