Rising to the Challenge & Making New Connections – My DHG Internship

Portrait of Shaina ShawDespite the unique experience of a fully virtual DHG internship, Shaina Shaw rose to the challenge and made some lasting career connections this summer. She shares her perspectives on what she learned and how she stayed connected. Shaina received her undergraduate degree in Accounting from West Virginia University, where she will also attend the graduate program in Accounting this fall. She is an Assurance Intern at DHG and lives in Morgantown, WV.

What are the top five things you’ve learned from your internship experience at DHG?
  1. Ask questions, no matter how many you have.
  2. Be a sponge, take notes and learn as much as possible.
  3. Make connections. Write down the names of leaders or team members you get to know and connect on LinkedIn. This shows you have initiative.
  4. Take time to learn the basic processes of accounting.
  5. Learn how to communicate well; this is an essential skill for your career. Get out of your comfort zone and speak up!
How was your fully virtual DHG internship experience different or better in any way than you expected?

DHG Laptop setup for virtual internshipTo be honest, I was nervous about a virtual internship and did not know what to expect. Although I was anxious about not making personal connections over Zoom, I have had great discussions with many people from my office and around the firm. To make my experience more interactive and connected, we’ve have had Zoom trivia, Pictionary games and happy hours.

My initial expectations were definitely exceeded, and the DHG internship has been a very positive learning experience. My coach can easily share her screen with me and explain what I need to learn, maybe even more often than if it were in person.

How has your intern team stayed connected and collaborated during your DHG intern experience?

I was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming everyone has been. After joining several intern chats right away, it has been great to see everyone’s personality come out and how open communication is. Everyone I’ve encountered has been so nice and that positive team experience has become stronger as we’ve cheered on our team with good news throughout the internship.

What are some ways you volunteer or give back to the community?

yoga class at Gold Star Teen AdventuresFor the past four summers, I’ve worked for Gold Star Teen Adventures – a nonprofit that helps children who have lost their parents in the line of duty. Like I once experienced too, it’s an opportunity for these children to have an awesome adventure over a one-week trip – to places like Florida, the Cayman Islands or Belize. I have volunteered as a mentor and dive master to help certify teens to become scuba divers. I love giving back through my involvement in this organization. Due to the COVID-19 virus, the organization was not able to run the adventure weeks, but I’m hoping it will be able to resume soon.

Shaina Shaw serving as dive master

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